BC government literally promoting use of glory holes.

In the truth is stranger than fiction department, the British Columbia Health Services Authority has actually promoted the use of “glory holes” in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

This is a beautiful example of government bureaucrat thinking coupled with a deranged notion of political correctness written into policy.

For those who don’t follow tasteless comedy or take part in anonymous casual sex in public washrooms, I will explain what a “glory hole” is.

Glory holes are holes that were typically cut into the cubical walls of men’s washrooms to allow for anonymous sex acts. One can use their imagination there.

The holes are typically found in truck stop or highway rest stops.

Now, while COVID-19 is indeed of concern to some people, I can’t imagine how performing anonymous sex acts in a filthy public restroom is any better. People appear to be forgetting that there are hundreds of other infections and diseases out there, many of which are far more dangerous than COVID-19 and I can only imagine that use of glory holes is a fine way to pick one of them up.

So why on earth would a government health authority suggest use of glory holes?

Well there are two reasons. One is simply that bureaucrats tend to truly be linear thinking morons blinded by their own obsession to make policy. They are simply looking at ways that people can avoid breathing on each other and can’t look outside of their simplistic box.

The other thing bureaucrats are blinded by is a deep sense of political correctness.

To be blunt, glory holes are a remnant of the bad old days when gay men were pushed underground by societal condemnation and literal law. Public washrooms gave a means to hook up relatively safely and anonymously.

Due to advances in public thought and online communication, I am suspecting that glory holes have fallen into disuse for the most part and are now more of a piece of urban mythology than reality.

Still, some pointy headed bureaucrat at the health authority likely felt that glory holes were an integral part of the gay community and that it was best to recognize their use as a COVID-19 contraceptive. They felt it would be offensive to leave such a practice out of their list of suggested “safe” sex acts.

I may be off the mark in my speculation of the motive of the idiot who put this suggestion to paper in the BC health authority but in light of how utterly absurd the recommendation of glory holes is, I can’t imagine that I am too far out to lunch here.

This is reason number 100824 for wanting smaller and less intrusive government.

Do you really think these people can run your lives more wisely than you can?

2 thoughts on “BC government literally promoting use of glory holes.

  1. NOW I KNOW THE GOVERNMENT IS MORE THAN CRAZY ! I would like to see the guy that can reach through the 6 inch wall , plus 1 1/2 inches of drywall . . We all would like to see that ! Boy the government is dumb ! And to think we pay them to be that stupid .

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