Federal civil servants net $630 million so far to sit at home

Nice work if you can get it.

While most of us fear for how we may be making our next mortgage payment while the COVID-19 pandemic crisis drags on, federal civil servants are enjoying and extended vacation with pay.

The vultures at the Canada Revenue Agency alone have collected $311 million in paid leave over the last few months. Rest assured that they will be working their hardest when they finally absolutely have to return to work as they will have to hound and harass working Canadians more than ever in order to try and get money to pay the massive and building interest on the federal debt.

While everybody from construction workers to grocery clerks are managing to continue to work through the pandemic, federal civil servants in the thousands and thousands apparently find it impossible to come in to the office or work from home. So far 1,470,000 hours of paid leave has been given out to bureaucrats in order to have them do nothing and the numbers are expected to grow.

It’s utterly galling to watch these parasites sucking what little is left of the federal treasury dry while average Canadians are suffering through the worst economic crisis in generations.

While Trudeau and Morneau take money from charities in order to pad their family’s fortunes, hordes of federal bureaucrats are sitting at home and lapping up tax dollars and enjoying a paycation that your average person could never even dream of.

Simple mathematics tell us that we need to greatly reduce the cost of government and soon as debt mounts yet here we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars paying government employees to do nothing.

Has your life been all that bad without the work of all those civil servants this last few months? Had you even noticed that they hadn’t been on the job?

Of course not. That is because these civil servants really weren’t doing a hell of a lot of value in the first place. We will not be losing much in services if we cut a great many of them loose.

I don’t see cutbacks coming any time soon when the federal government is too gormless to even put these “workers” back to work.

While most Canadians are going to be seeing incredibly hard times in years to come, thousands of federal civil servants are feathering their nests while doing nothing.

Canada is broken.

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