Just an Albertan bartender who has dabbled a little in politics and activism. 

You can email me with your thumbs up or to tell me to go to hell here: albertarep(at)hotmail.com

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  1. Time to update your age, old man. We both know you’re not 37 anymore!

    Greeting from Vancouver, by the way.

    Tony Clark

  2. Hi Cory, I found my way to your website. Just wondering if there is any way to find out a little bit about you. Your bio on this site, and others, is very, very thin. Do you have an updated site where I could find out a little more about you before I support your Occupy Calgary petition?

  3. There are strengths in number.

    I support what you are trying to do. I’d like to help organize
    a counter protest.

    Perhaps you could mention how graffiti on the Memorial are deemed to be damages and aren’t consider legal protest either.

    Perhaps a rallying cry in time for Rememberance Day. Liberate Calgary from being Occupied.

    Calgary need reminding of the cost to the tax payer and the double standard.

    Perhaps if a time was set, we could ask all supports to Liberate Calgary
    to meet and protest peacefully.

    Please contact me by email

  4. Congratulations on exposing the hypocrisy of the situation!

    Reminiscent of Laurel & Hardy classics…where Ollie is played by His Worship Naheed Nenshi…

    “Ollie: Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.” from “PARDON US” (1931)

    The movie title is rather appropriate too.

  5. I’ll have you know marmot tickling is an essential service that keeps marmots from invading parks. Imagine the confusion for ‘the man’ trying to figure out which group to come down on. PETA and the Sierra Club vs Constitutional challenged protesters, what to do?

  6. Hey Corey, I like what you’re doing here… how do you feel about the airport tunnel? I’d love to start a petition to stop that debacle!

  7. The LRT in Calgary losses 50 percent each year. In other words to break even the city would have to charge twice as much as they do now.

    It has been this way since the first leg was built. It has been bankrupt the first day it opened and every year now for 25 years.

    Who pays for the losses? Calgary taxpayers.

    I think the LRT is the main reason property taxes go up, to pay for the LRT.

  8. It is great what you do. But nobody wants to touch what the Redford Government does to a group of AISH recipients. They make deposits of funds into families Bank accounts after receiving full disclosure of income then send credit agencies after the families to collect when they make the mistakes. If you appeal the decision thru the proper channels the appeal can’t do anything because their hands are tied by Legislation that says they have to back the AISH worker who screwed up gave you the money. The families who collect AISH are in need of the money and are in no means able to pay it back. We need to hold this Government accountable to the people. This Government allows Heroine & Crack Addicts on AISH but Families that have Physically disabled spouse has to declare income and if the spouse takes home more than $900/ month they don’t get any funds.

  9. Cory- well done.

    You forgot to mention the beautiful planters and park benches in the middle of 16th Ave N as well as Memorial Drive. These were also Druh Farrell related inspirations.

    I’ll be sure to take my family for a lovely walk down 16th ave so we can sit on a bench and enjoy the fresh air. That’s if we don’t get run over trying to reach them.

    On top of that, the planters could have been removed and used as another well needed lane.

    I happen to live in WARD 7 and there are some significant residential speeding issues.

    Unfortunately, Calgary must be the only developed country in the world where the residential speed exceeds that of the highway.

    Anyways, just my rant.

  10. I have enjoyed reading your blog – great rants. You are a great writer, although I don’t agree with most of your thoughts. I do respect people who share ideas different from my own, and sometimes they do sway my positions. Keep up your good work. — Todd

  11. I just learned that hospitals lose money every year – they don’t even come close to breaking even. Wondering if maybe you can do a blog post about this?

  12. Why did my wife Diana and I join the party and worked so hard for it 3 years ago? The answer is was found in 4.1 of our Party constitution.
    Appallingly few members and even some EC members seldom or ever read it.

    Basically 4.1 of our Party reads like this;

    “4.1 The Constituency Association is the primary organization through which the rights of members are exercised.”

    It also says

    5.1 The governance of the Party shall reflect the following principles:
    5.1.1 Authority within the Party resides in its members.
    5.1.2 The Leader and Executive Committee are accountable to members of the Party and the Caucus.
    5.1.3 The Caucus is accountable to the Party and to their constituents.”

    So what happens now when duly elected CA Boards and there duly elected Presidents are ignored?
    On Policy what happens when VP’s of policy are told that Caucus will handle policy issues?
    What happens when CA’s are told that they have no authority and the Candidate (or MLA) can do what he wants and can get rid of anyone on a board they don’t like? This was told to me by a serving PD.
    Is this what our Party Constitution says? Who is accountable to who?
    Jane & Cory Morgan did us all a favor by exposing a system that allowed a select few to decide who they wanted on the EC. Well done. Shining in daylight is a great disinfectant.
    I’ve also noticed that there is now no “*” beside certain Candidate names as an EC (or Caucus?) endorsement. That happened last year despite my protests. Members are bright people; they don’t need to be told who to vote for.
    These issues are what this AGM and EC is about. Do we want more of the same or do we really want to fix what’s broken? Elect the same crew and expect the same results.
    This cannot be about just personalities it needs to be about issues and solutions and earning your trust.
    I’ve seen many good people quit the party or leave CA boards they were serving on, or just stayed home sitting on their wallets @ election time. Let’s earn back there trust and make sure this cannot happen again.
    Ask each candidate what they will do to earn your trust and vote.
    If they don’t have a good answer & plan, move on to the next. Vote for the Candidate you trust and will be accountable to you for results.

  13. And ensure none of the present executive are elected back in. Send off the exec’s useless ed as well who allowed this behaviour as secretary

  14. Cory, enjoy all your rants. I would like your permission to clip the tin god rant and send it to the wonderful premier. ( not so wonderful

  15. Cory can we discuss the City’s cooked cycling usage numbers for 11th Street SE they have ignored all my usage report requests since last November and are obviously hiding the stats as greenhouse effects are a reality with their engineered 4 into 2 lanes on 11th Street gridlocks.

    Lets get the truth out that the City Aldermen and the Mr T. from the US in charge of the great cycling lie are forming a wall of silence………

    Randy from the SE

  16. I like your bike commentary, as do many others.

    Maybe a high speed time lapse video of 7th st bike lane is needed with a catchy corner counter counting each bike in a starburst. Would clearly highlight how all this ideological pandering to the few is costing the taxpayer. Also it would help demonstrate the real demand for this specialized infrastructure.

  17. Hi Cory,
    I must say it is interesting to read your opinions on all things Calgary. I´m in the process of moving to Calgary soon (currently in Germany) and it gives me a perpective on some of the issue. Albeit I don´t fully agree with some of your opinions I respect them and should I ever make it to Calgary sound and safely I sure hope to sit down for a coffee one day to compare and share opinions and thoughts especially on all things Calgary…
    Keep it up.

  18. Since 2005, the Alberta Mortgage Fraud Ring has been operating under the protection of the Law Society of Alberta, the RCMP and the Solicitor General. I have reviewed 3000pp of evidence and I am the material witness to this $500million fraud at CMHC. Why hasn’t the media covered this? Carolyn Dunn got about 10% correct, but the real story is the cover-up and the 6 top RCMP involved. Are the NDP concealing these crimes to protect their own Dep Ministers & ADMs? All records of the frauds are registered at Land Titles … why no prosecution?

  19. I’ve never joined a blog before and don’t know how they work. I’d like to hear more from you so what exactly do I need to do to ensure I receive updates from you…or do I have to visit the site myself?

  20. I read your article last night about “unite the right”…..you said the following… “They have some interesting names popping up in association with them but their website is brutally shallow in detail. “… I thought it read …..”their website is Bruceilly shallow in detail….”…. lol… he is just another higher gun looking for work and he now realizes that his job at RV2020 is short lived….

  21. Cory,

    I’ll be donating some funds to the Eddie Maurice TD trust fund. How do I express my support for him and his family? Is there a Facebook page, e-mail address, etc? I’m a rural resident southwest of Lethbridge.

    Thanks for doing this,


    • Hi,
      There is no specific page for them at this time and the family is staying understandably private right now. Hopefully they pop by the comment page here and see the expressions of support.

  22. Mr. Morgan: Just read your opinion column in the latest edition of Epoch Times. I was beginning to think I was the only one in Canada who harboured the views you expressed on the current leadership of the Conservative party. I have taken the liberty of including with this message a couple of my diatribes dealing with the milk
    toast policies of Erin O’Toole. The first was sent to MP Sloan and copied to O’Toole and Bezan. MP Bezan represents my riding.

    Perhaps O’Toole and company are starting to see the light as evidenced by calling out the Liberal leaders by forcing a vote on the CCP’s genocidal treatment of the Uighurs. We can only hope.

    I have copied the Epoch Times on my political musings in the hope that some of the more erudite commentators would pick up on them. Average Canadians with no accredited platform are usually ignored. Besides, my acerbic tone does little to win the hearts and minds of those I chose to ridicule for their stupidity. I have more inciteful insights should you be interested.

    Gary Hammond – no PHD, no MA, no BA, and definitely no BS

    Congratulations Mr. Sloan on joining that august group of Canadian conservative elected representatives who have been ousted or otherwise cancelled by their caucus at the bidding of party leaders. It would appear that in most cases there is only room for small “c” conservatives. To anyone with a capacity for critical thinking it is obvious that Mr. O’Toole finally found the ticket to rid his party of an authentic conservative. He wasted no time in punching yours at the behest of Press Progress. The United States has it’s rinos (republicans in name only)and Canada has it’s cinos (conservatives in name only). So much for the big tent of ideas. Go along to get along or get out.

    By the way, cancel culture has even infected Manitoba’s municipal politics. At least two mayors have had their voices silenced. In the rural municipality in which I live the current mayor has been silenced by a renegade council. This after receiving almost 62% of the popular vote and beating out the former incumbent by a ratio of more than two to one votes. This has effectively cancelled the votes of those that supported her platform. While this has been going on our provincial conservatives have done nothing to stop this. On the contrary they have if anything aided and abetted this action.

    For some reason most conservatives appear to be hold the naive idea they can win over the hearts and minds of voters through purging voices that espouse true conservative values. They must disabuse themselves of this notion. Only the left would elect a Canadian provincial leader with a reputation as a homophobe and mysogynist who has exhibited violent tendencies. In the United States the left has just elected a president with Alzheimer’s who, get ready for it, is corrupt and possibly compromised by a hostile nation. I will not begin to comment on Justin Trudeau other than Bill C-16 comes to mind. Free speech no long exists and Mr. O’Toole, big tech is coming for you next. The right will oust a member for infringing on the sensibilities of a minority of individuals incapable of accepting viewpoints contrary to their own. The left will circle the wagons. Most politicians on the left are at heart amoral and practice demagogy to sway voters. Promoting racial divide and victimization are just two of the methods through which the left pushes its agenda. They will not be content until we are all equally unhappy. Most so called free nations are governed by ideologues who have no clue as to the wants and needs of their constituents. We just want to be left alone with minimum intrusion.

    Lastly, I suspect your biggest sin is that of being a nationalist, and being caucasian, that translates to white supremacist. This is how the left works and it is the same dogma that has even polluted the thinking of most on the right. This practice of the corruption of word definitions is a subtle and effective propaganda ruse. I will demonstrate by citing the Oxford Dictionary definition of nationalism circa 1965 with today’s Oxford definition:

    1965 – patriotic feeling, principle or efforts; policy of national independence

    today – identification of one’s own nation and support for it’s interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of other nations…’ It is also a part of the strategy of religious nationalisms which characterize the nation as a religiously defined ethno-cultural people.

    Notice how the difference in definition starts out relatively benign but then continues on to paint nationalism as toxic. The 1965 definition still has a memory of two world wars during which people fought and died to preserve freedoms. Today’s definition has a more global meaning – GET THE POINT.

    Best of luck in your continuing support for our country. By the way. I would have voted for you in your bid for Party leadership but I did not cast a vote because the Party minions could not get my name correct.

    Gary Hammond, Lockport, Manitoba

    Messrs OToole & Bezan:

    Well you finally did it. You have regressed the Conservative Party from naivety to outright idiocy all in the cause of a futile attempt to attract left wing voters to your platform. I am of course referencing the hollow unanimous endorsement of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s motion to designate the Proud Boys as a terrorist entity. Kudos all around to our elected representatives for this mass display of virtue signaling. I am eagerly awaiting this same designation to be cast upon Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa.

    BLM is a movement that has as it’s core belief Marxist dogma. It’s tentacles have reached out beyond the United States to other countries, including Canada. It’s main goal is to amass money and power to push it’s political agenda. To date there is no evidence that positive strides have been made to enhance the lives of people of colour. Where is all that money going? It appears at least some of it is financing protests that too often morph into violence and looting. I am reminded of the billions of dollars advanced towards improving the lives of aboriginal Canadians. So far as I can tell, as per media reports and complaints from native leaders, little has changed; they are more likely to suffer debilitating health conditions, living conditions are below standard, education is lacking, and interaction with the criminal justice system remains high compared to other groups.. For people in remote communities access to healthful diets and to standard living amenities is a constant challenge. Tribal leaders and some federal politicians prefer to create a culture of victim identity rather than taking meaningful steps towards moving beyond the current stagnation. I do not pretend to have all the answers but clearly what is being done so far is not working; what is the definition of insanity??

    Antifa: Is it an idea or a group? Either way it has manifested itself at a number of protests in the United States. AAH, remember the summer of love in Seattle or the nightly community bonfires in Portland. But not to worry should black clad antifa members run afoul of some white racist law. Kamala Harris and others of her ilk will bail them out so they can return the next day to firebomb racist pig police in a local precinct station. Strange how antifa emulates intimidation tactics once employed by a certain brown clad group operating almost a century ago. I apologize for making an historical reference as I fear such knowledge may prevent you from replicating the mistakes of the past. But such a thing will never happen as we are so much smarter and “woke” than our ancestors. Antifa is active in Canada.

    And then there are the Proud Boys. This is an alleged white supremacist group harbouring, amongst other antisocial characteristics, homophobia, misogyny, and violent tendencies. Reminds me of the reputation a certain NDP provincial party leader once earned – but I digress – all is forgiven. One inconvenient truth is that the current Proud Boys leader is Enrique Tarrio. If you care to do just a modicum of research you will see he is not exactly the poster boy for white supremacy. One unique aspect of the Proud Boys reputation, as compared to other terrorist groups designated by the Canadian government, is they appear to operate only within the confines of the United States. It is pure Canadian hubris to fear the Proud Boys will be setting up shop in Canada.

    I believe we can all agree political violence cannot be condoned. I find it troubling and politically hypocritical to single out one group over others. I do not find MP Jagmeet Singh’s hypocrisy surprising. I am however extremely concerned with how readily you took his bait. It is obvious the three major Canadian political parties have become an amalgam of socialist ideology. The left, aided and abetted by their counterparts in the politically biased media, have enabled a tectonic shift in Canada’s political landscape.

    This leaves a person such as myself without political representation. Regretfully, for the first time in my adult life, I will sit out the next election and observe this socialist/communist predictable train wreck from the comfort of my home (assuming of course I will still be allowed to own it).

    Gary Hammond,
    Lockport, Manitoba.


    1: On the matter of slogans. The Liberals appear to have completely plagiarized the American Democrat party (an oxymoron if there ever was one) slogan “Build Back Better”. Conservatives, to their credit, only partially
    plagiarized with “Build Back Stronger”. “Stronger” is not clearly defined as to how they hope to achieve that mission other than to critique the Liberal’s platform. You have to give the NDP top marks for at least being original
    with “In It For You”. I do not know who “you” is but it sure isn’t me. I just love slogans. Their hollow rhetoric just begs me to stand in line and support the team.
    2: On the matter of Biden excusing the China Communist Party’s (CCP) enslavement and genocidal treatment of Muslim Uighurs as a “cultural norm”. Canadians of Chinese ancestry have to be extremely insulted to have their cultural
    heritage sullied by that remark. They needn’t fear; no one with a functioning brain would attribute that remark to the attitudes of the Chinese people. It does however reveal how far the left will go to rationalize the egregious
    behaviour of the left when it achieves full power. During the 20th century millions died from either the results of centralized planning or outright persecution under the absolute rule of the likes of Stalin and Pol Pot. Today both
    Putin in Russia and Xi Jinping in China are essentially rulers for life. Elections in those countries are a sham.
    We are beginning to see the malevolence of the left in the United States now that the Democrats have taken full control of the Presidency, House, and Senate. There is a vocal and blatant push to ostracize Republicans,
    especially those that dared work for the Republican party. Over the next two years we can witness the attempt to take permanent control through allowing illegal immigration and Federal/State legislation. Let us sit back and
    observe how all this will work out. Could soon be coming to a theatre near you.
    3: Lastly to Jagmeet Singh. You have a documented reputation for refusing to answer questions that may shine a negative light on your agenda. I admire your chutzpah. Most politicians will answer an awkward question with an avalanche
    of verbal diarrhea “…full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing…”. I left out the first part of the quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth “Told by an idiot,…” in order to not impugn the mental acuity of Canada’s elected
    representatives; but then, on reflection, that is what this message is all about.

  23. This pandemic allowed not the best, but the worst of our society, and government to emerge.

    When all this is over the actions the Canadian government with respect to imprisoning of its own people in hotels, making them vulnerable to attacks, eliminating their movement and freedoms, hiring private companies to persecute and monitor it citizens, will be paralleled only to the Japanese Canadian Internment in WW2 and Indian residential school system.

    Lets be sure that above all, our charter of rights and freedoms will prevail

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