Tell me another one Nenshi

It was almost nauseating reading the baloney Naheed Nenshi issued as he kicks off what will clearly a yet another campaign for Mayor of Calgary.

You can almost hear his voice in his head as he pretends to be coy and speaks of how even those who didn’t previously support him are now pleading with him to stay in for just one more term because the job is just so gosh darn important right now that we can’ entrust it to anybody else.

Yeah right.

Naheed Nenshi’s support numbers have been in a nosedive. He has clearly been having trouble maintaining his traditional support. There is no damn way his opponents suddenly want him in for yet another four years.

I guess if His Worship wants to begin his campaign on such a solid foundation of bullshit, who am I to stop him? The voters are smarter than Nenshi seems to think they are and I look forward to them tossing him on his arrogant ass next fall.

The reality is, Nenshi probably couldn’t manage to get a good escape hatch from Trudeau. The Mayor was meeting with him recently and likely was lobbying for an appointment for himself or an assurance of a cabinet spot if he ran for the Liberals. There are no other viable political homes for Nenshi once he is done as Mayor. He can’t find a better gig so he is trying for re-election on the basis that he needs a job and the BS case that his opponents really really really want to see him as Mayor fro another term.

Meanwhile, Nenshi’s Chief of Staff and an assistant have been vacationing in Hawaii while Calgarians remain locked down.

Sound familiar?

Nenshi however has stated that he won’t punish them.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Nenshi.

Great electoral kickoff indeed.

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