We are not all in this together!

Few things undercut trust in political leadership more effectively than hypocrisy and we are seeing it in spades within Canada.

While we huddle in our homes, blocked from visiting family members while our jobs are lost and our businesses face bankruptcy, members of the political elite are basking on tropical islands in the comfort of knowing that their six figure incomes are protected.

While police will beat and threaten to taze youth for the crime of daring to play outdoor hockey:

A top minister in Doug Ford’s extremely oppressive administration is found to have been vacationing in the Caribbean while posting scheduled tweets to fool citizens into thinking he was actually in Canada. Doug Ford knew of this for weeks.

Note the asshole signaling virtue with his mask on. I suspect that he rarely wore it while in the tropics.

How many more are hiding out there?

Now that these guys are being exposed, the press is smelling blood in the water. Rest assured they are watching airports and social media postings. We will be seeing more of this.

How the hell can we be expected to sacrifice so much, ostensibly to fight the pandemic when those who are telling us to sacrifice won’t do it themselves?

The lockdowns will be falling apart in months to come and much of the reason will be a population tired of being told “Do as I say, not as I do!”.

We can’t take orders seriously if the political leadership doesn’t. Canada’s federal health minister was jet setting unmasked for months while we see American politicians breaking laws in order to see hair stylists.

They had best pray that the vaccine brings the pandemic under control because lockdowns are a fading alternative for people and hypocritical political leadership can carry much of the blame.

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