ImagineCalgary, Naheed Nenshi’s blueprint for Calgary’s future.

Ever wonder where some of those insanely ridiculous notions spring from in Calgary City? How about that almost religious-like zeal for demonizing people who live in suburbs and a fascination with bike lanes? What about the huge and growing subsidies for art that few Calgarians really care about? What about that general attitude of attacking Calgarian industries while cutting parking deals to preferred cottage businesses such as car-sharing and food-trucks?

All of the above things spring regularly from Mayor Naheed Nenshi and a few of his more extreme followers on city council such as Druh Farrell, Brian Pincott and Gian-Carlo Carra and all of that above stuff and more is packed into that expensive and ridiculous to the point of surreal ImagineCalgary.

Just today Mayor Nenshi tweeted that ImagineCalgary is where information on plans for the City of Calgary’s future can be found.

To read ImagineCalgary is to fall into a world that really only makes sense to people so far in their ideology that they have lost all sense of reality.

While millions of tax dollars were spent creating ImagineCalgary and it’s collection of absurd plans, the document as a whole is so terrible and embarrassing that it can’t even be found on the ImagineCalgary website.

Luckily for all, I hosting the  imagineCALGARY Plan  here so that all may look for themselves at what Mayor Nenshi considers to be an answer in itself to city policy questions.

Below are a listing of other postings where I have highlighted some of the more ludicrous ideas from ImagineCalgary (one does not have to look far to find them).

I would normally say that one should simply dismiss people who support crackpot plans as displaced from reality as ImagineCalgary but alas, these people have found their way into positions of authority in the City of Calgary and can inflict some very real damage in their zealous attempts to pursue the fairy-tale goals of ImagineCalgary.

I strongly suggest that anybody voting in the 2013 Calgary civic election reads ImagineCalgary and then determines for themselves if they may want to vote to support a person on council or as mayor who would support such a nutty plan.

ImagineCalgary document dissection part 1

ImagineCalgary document dissection part 2

ImagineCalgary document dissection part 3

ImagineCalgary document dissection part 4

As a bonus, I am including the outright insane Calgary Food Plan that sprouted from ImagineCalgary. Like a weed, these things spread.



1 thought on “ImagineCalgary, Naheed Nenshi’s blueprint for Calgary’s future.

  1. Wow…Cory, I have never read anything such as I what I see here. The liberal progressives are set to destroy this city with this unmitigated namby pap SCREAMING Left wing Bullshit.

    blows my mind.


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