Rachel Notley and her band of extremists go full LEAP Manifesto with Bill 20



When the federal NDP (directly tied to the Notley NDP) embraced the extreme and insane “Leap Manifesto”, Notley tried desperately and doggedly to distance herself from the plan. Notley’s excuses rang flat at the time when one considers that provincial NDP parties are constitutionally bound to be subservient to the federal entity.

In releasing Bill 20 Notley has proven that she clearly embraces the environmental extremism of the LEAP Manifesto and is prepared to stomp on the individual rights of Albertans in order to pursue the insane goals of the document.

The contents of Bill 20 are outright terrifying as they subject us to warrantless searches even to the point of going into our computers as can be seen here:

52 In this Part, “property” includes computer hardware.

Authority to enter on land
53 For the purpose of carrying out duties under this Act and the regulations, the Minister or an officer may enter on any land, whether or not that land is enclosed.

General powers respecting inspections
54(1) For the purpose of carrying out duties under this Act and the regulations, the Minister or an officer may do all or any of the following: (a) subject to subsection (4), enter, without a warrant, at any reasonable time, the following premises for the purpose of conducting an inspection, audit or examination:

This bill is terrifying in it’s scope and arrogance. Officers are empowered to search anything and everything to the point of being able to hook up to the engine of your vehicles to test for emission issues (or whatever else they want to snoop around for).

The entire text of the bill can be found here.

The concept of such a massive carbon tax being imposed during a recession is bad enough. That Notley feels compelled to bundle all this warrantless search powers into the bill is frightening.

For those who tried to convince themselves that Notley wasn’t of the extreme end of the NDP I am afraid that this delusion has been shattered and the proof is in this bill.

Rachel Notley and her government are extreme ideologues who were accidentally elected as Albertans tried to escape a broken and corrupted PC government.

While the Notley Regime will clearly last only one term, it is clear that she will be able to do massive damage in that time period. It may take decades to recover.




20 thoughts on “Rachel Notley and her band of extremists go full LEAP Manifesto with Bill 20

  1. Notley is destroying the once great and prosperous Alberta that we all know and love. When she is done, she will have pushed us to the point of no return. She is anti-oil, anti-coal, anti-farmers. She is a socialist pig who has no idea what she is creating. Albertan will stand up and protest and force her out of office. She has to go, she is a danger to the very fabric Alberta was built on and take such pride in. Separation may be the only answer to protect the west from Notley and Trudeau. Idiots, both of them.

    • those who voted her in and are pleased with the destruction the NDP are doing are as narcissistic as see is…I only wish we could put them all in a plastic bag and ship them to Ontario to see Alberta’s future

    • Agreed … We need to stand up and rise out no matter the cost… Have we forgotten the true value of life… Common people!!! How much is enough…

  2. Notley is going to not only bankrupt Alberta but everyone that works in Alberta and there is no place to hide.

  3. It sounds more like communist rules no freedom of speech, you are not allowed to think anymore, just follow the herd.

    • As one who was living for 34 years in a Communist paradise I can confirm that she is a Communist cow. As a person wearing Che Guvara face on her watch she confirm as well that she is a Communist female dog

  4. Its really ignorant of the majority of people to blame one person. Really shows how intelligent some of us are. Our government in governed by corporations, take a step back and maybe do some research into “who” pushed for this Bill? Follow the money sheeple. Its not an individuals fault that certain actions are controlled by large sums of money and corporate lobbying. Notley is a puppet. How many times must we tell you to wake up and see the big picture…Obviously many of you are wrapped up in your own “shit” to really look past the end of your nose.
    But, you know, keep blaming someone…it’s all you’re really good at.

    • So what do you suggest? … Getting other corporations to pay her more to change her ideology? … Sounds pretty corrupt to me!

    • Your an idiot the largest corporations in Alberta are the oil companies and I can guarantee they are not interested in the carbon tax or this new bill she is cramming down our throats. The NPD party has a majority so there is pretty much no stopping the party from pushing there agenda forward. With the backlash for the bills that this government is pushing through and yes these bills are suspiciously close to communist ideology that quite frankly it is a terrifying thought, the NDP knows it’s done in this province, with their track record I would not be surprised if the NDP party survives period after this. To claim that corporations are pushing this forward you must be overdoing your medicinal use marijuana, all the things going through the government right now are hurting almost every industry, this bill and almost everything the NPD government has don since taking power has done nothing but derail Alberta economy. First off was the extended royalty review then the situation with the farmers and to date finishing off with the carbon tax for a environmental disaster that for every scientist and expert that says it’s happening you can find one that says it’s bull the only good thing about this is most of what this idiotic government we have is doing can be reversed after the next election it might take some time and an actual government that does what it says it will do for a change. Just don’t hold your breath I have yet to see a politician that actualy comes through on their promises because face it they got what they wanted and getting reflected or elected is the next persons problem. Very few are truely concerned with Albertans or Canadians just making sure that what ever their personal beliefs gets pushed through regardless if it’s good or bad for the province or country.

  5. I cannot believe what I read in the Edmonton Journal today, and heard on 630CHED, that this alien government will introduce a new law with regard to the fake carbon “crisis” and this “law” will empower the Notley crew to enter Albertans’ private properties to make sure that Albertans are abiding by this new communist law. They even plan on using search warrants to use for their totally undemocratic, communist, policing duties, to enter private properties. That includes our homes and land, folks!! This will also include their going on to farmers’ PRIVATE LANDS and checking their gaz tanks and anywhere else they want to look, INCLUDING searching people’s personal and private computers… !!!!!!!! This is bound to enrage farmers even more than before with this communist party’s stupid Bill 6 !!!! The other Albertans will surely, and hopefully join with the farmers in huge protests.

    I suggest and am telling Rachel Notley that she better not go ahead with this communist act, as there will be a mass revolt in Alberta, big time.. She works FOR US, not the other way around…

  6. I am just sad to see the once wonderful province of Alberta be destroyed on so many levels. Sad that all the debt incurred by this government is going to leave my grandchildren paying off her glory trip to extreme debt.

  7. Not looking too good broad. I guess the toll of royally screwing Alberta is finally getting to you, as it should. Why did you even run for premiere of this province when it’s clear you don’t give a damn about it or it’s people. You are such a disappointment to our once great province.

  8. There is no longer freedom we have a Gestapo Govt in place hell bent on total destruction of Alberta and Albertans way of life

    • The bulk of the money for equalization payments comes from Alberta! By destroying our oil production she not only wreaks havoc with our economy, she’s also destroying the Canadian economy!

  9. I read all these post and it sounds just like bc in the 1970 ish when NDP got into power took us around 40 to start to recover. Get rid of NDP as soon as possible force a new election good luck

  10. Stalin would approve of those regulations, I’m sure. I wonder why there is no mention of re-education classes or Gulags.

    It must be nice to be a “climate leader”…not so sure that Mother Nature approves of this silly tinkering.

  11. Please let the Wild Rose Leader and his people know that MOST of the Albertans that pay taxes and our own way.Are greatful for saying the truth about Rachel Notley’s friend from the East !! We need more people to stand up for Albertans And NOT being afraid of the big bad Lady.. Thanks so much!

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