4 thoughts on “Alberta tax dollars at work.

  1. Conservatives are very poor fiscal managers. They ALWAYS run deficits no matter what they say. Mulroney and Harper are responsible for 75% of the national debt. Stelmach, Redford, Hancock and Prentice could not balance the books either. To be fair to Hancock, he was more fixated on his $700,000 pay out for resigning his seat (and costing taxpayers for a by-election).

  2. I find it amazing that you (alberta Dan), would make such a statement when we have & have had a Liberal govt. in this province for the past 10 years. Ontario is on the verg of bankrupsy courtisy of those fine Liberal stewards of the purse strings….Steve O

    • Ontario is not “on the verge of bankruptcy” other than in conservative imaginations. It is an irrational fallacy. As a percentage of GDP Ontario’s debt is in line with the federal debt, yet we never hear from conservatives what a piss poor fiscal manager Harper is, or that Canada is “on the verge of bankruptcy” Wonder why.

  3. If they are going to waste money on advertising in the NHL maybe spend it in Calgary and Edmonton’s arenas. It will still be seen by the television audience.

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