You didn’t build that farm!

It has been a sad spectacle watching Notley’s NDP floundering around wondering just what the hell happened this week as the province has exploded in protests against their ham handed attempt to ram Bill 6 through the legislature with essentially no consultation with farmers.

Airdrie NDP candidate Chris Noble demonstrated the profound, arrogant ignorance of the Notley regime when it comes to agriculture in the posting below.


Homesteaders crossed the planet with scant belongings and preparation in order to settle those 1/4 section parcels. Many of those homesteaders died of starvation and disease as they broke their backs for an entire generation to try and turn barren land into the productive agricultural land that it is today. Trees were cut by hand and rocks were picked by hand in hopes of scraping a crop from the land before long winters settled in. These people languished in literal sod huts for years while they tried to survive in Alberta only a century ago.

To have an asshole such as Chris Noble dismiss that entire history and go on his repugnant tirade about what he feels the current land is worth is nothing less than repulsive. One can see his gross attitude in looking at all land as actually being the government’s and that people using it should consider it to be a gift to big government. He feels that farmers owe a debt of gratitude to big government and should not hesitate to embrace legislation that could put their entire living and lifestyle at risk. Chris should read up on how collectivism works in agriculture. While socialism fails in most settings, the failure is most profound and proven on farms.

Shortly after the screen shot of Noble’s idiocy began sweeping through twitter, his facebook page was suddenly and predictably pulled down and closed as somebody wiser than Chris likely made a frantic phone call to him.

Make no mistake though. Chris Noble reflects the view of most NDP members on agriculture.

Listening to interviews with NDP cabinet ministers in the last two days as they try to figure out just where the hell they went wrong (they remain clueless), it is almost frightening hearing how little they know about agriculture or even their own bill. The ministers cant even answer simple questions about their own legislation yet they are determined to ram it through.

The NDP sees farmers as just one more evil corporate entity to be regulated to the point of eventual unionization. Farmers represent everything the NDP despises. These people are individualists who don’t want government running their lives. These people won’t vote NDP thus the NDP doesn’t really care if they offend farmers or not (though they underestimated the degree of pushback).

Well, those folks on that “free” land built this province. Many urban folks understand this as they or their parents had initially come from farms. Notley and her gang of fools had better realize this and soon if they are going to have a hope in hell of gaining a second term in power.

I don’t hold out much hope though as the New Democratic Party of Alberta’s display of utter ignorance of our agricultural producers is nothing less than shocking and despite this backlash, Notley was promising just this morning from her trip to Paris that she was going to force Bill 6 through the legislature this fall.

There should be at least an apology made by or on behalf of Noble for his repugnant statements. I won’t hold my breath though. The NDP still don’t get it.

14 thoughts on “You didn’t build that farm!

  1. The site was removed because WRP supporters kept threatening to kill me….It’s a typical response these days from the right, threaten violence when you don’t get your way.

    • Oh really? I imagine that you called the police then right? It is illegal to threaten to kill people.

      Personally I think you are just spreading more BS. 🙂

    • Chris. Stop. Please, just stop talking…unless the next thing you utter is an apology. You owe a big and sincere apology to all those good citizens who work hard to put food on your table, and now you also owe an apology to the opposition for your shamefully divisive partisan troll comment here. Show some class please.

      The government did not selflessly grant settlers a lovely turnkey homestead with which they could guarantee prosperity. They offered quarter-mile-square patches of prairie scrub…and nothing more… as an enticement to settle the barren frontier to head off the American vision of manifest destiny. There were no utilities, no roads, virtually no infrastructure to speak of when they arrived. THEY EARNED THAT LAND AND MORE WITH SWEAT EQUITY AND DEEP SACRIFICE. You have far too much nerve to suggest the great great grandchildren of these pioneers owe the government unconditional gratitude and deference to the government for such a “gift” given so long ago.

      Take heed, the words you utter today will be remembered in four years time should you wish to stand for office then. So far they won’t be remembered kindly.

    • Chris – some of our family came west under those conditions: a grant of land and the opportunity to survive by backbreaking toil or die from disease, accident, starvation, cold, or fire. They lived in soddies until they could afford enough wood for a small shack. Gradually, the survivors became “prosperous” enough to build bigger homes, but the work was still back-breaking. Those men and women still on the old family homesteads have more than paid for their land in sweat equity.

      And this wasn’t just in the 1890’s. The Peace country was homesteaded much later – we had family there. When Great-Granny died on the homestead, her young sons somehow got her body to the railhead where kindly railworkers helped them take it to the nearest cemetery. Could you have done that?

    • Chris, thank you for being honest by showing what a piece of manure you are. Most of your your comrades are much smarter at hiding it.

    • I wonder what the people who voted for you think now? There have to be a few people that owe their start in life to grandparents that homesteaded this county, cut trees by hand, lived in a sod hut for the first couple of winters. By the way they also built the schools, communities and the economy that will still be here after the last drilling rig moves somewhere else.

    • I wonder what the people who voted for you think now? There have to be a few voters that owe their start in life to grandparents that homesteaded this county, cut trees by hand, lived in a sod hut for the first couple of winters, saw others starve to death, die of disease and hand it over to the next generation. I guess that is where your sense of entitlement comes from. . By the way they also built the schools, communities and the economy that will still be here after the last drilling rig moves somewhere else.
      I understand you toured North America as part of folk-rock band Wakeup Starlight.Sounds like a pretty good background for a provincial leader. I guess serving as treasurer of Supporting Local Area Musicians (SLAM), an Airdrie-based music organization would almost make you a good labour organizer, perhaps you can get minimum wage and the right to refuse unsafe work legislated for your group as well. Good luck Chris in whatever you choose to try next! The pioneers will probably forgive you.

  2. Ms Notley advice from the pr experts – you broke it you own it. Apologize and start consulting with the stakeholders. I don’t think sorry is in her vocabulary. Or as they say down on the farm – you can lead the politician to water but will he/she drink the mea culpa?

  3. if the people of alberta are stupid enough to elect the NDP a second time then they deserve every idiotic socialist piece of crap that gets thrown at them. there are consequences for being stupid.

  4. Why does anyone think that the NDP will do anything other than double down or triple down.

    The left has an agenda. It has nothing to do with what voters desire or is based in economic reality.

    Even if every albertan protested in the streets it would not make a difference.

  5. I have yet to meet anyone in Alberta who will admit to voting NDP. In the federal election 29 of 34 seat went PC. Where were these people in the Provincial election, unless it was because the old PC government was too corrupt ?

  6. Chris, if I may suggest, take a little time out to read the book Quest for Eden by Dr. John I. Woronuk, my uncle. The preface reads:

    Told by a natural, seasoned story weaver Quest for Eden is a biographical novel set in the early years of Canada’s 20th century. Four young immigrant families leave the only lives they’d ever known, the Austrian Empire (today’s Ukraine) their people had called home for generations and set out in search of a place to put down new roots…roots in rich, black earth…roots with a future. With temperaments and personalities as different but integral as salt to bread they dreamed, divined and worked together with endless invention, each providing an element utterly necessary to the success of what grew into an audacious adventure. In the process, ordinary people accomplished extraordinary things. Crossing the Atlantic, traversing the treacherous Edson Trail with winter at their heels, depending on the compassion of trappers, traders and the first nations people, clearing land while raising children and chickens under the watchful eyes of hawks and timber wolves, all to the rasp of a gypsy violin would seem to have the makings of a creative work of fantasy-had this book not been based on actual diaries, audio cassettes letters and remembrances re-told around kitchen tables till they became family histories, now at last shared.

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