Why is government still involved in marriage?

Seriously. Think about this. Why on earth do we need the government to sanction and regulate what is an intimate agreement between two consenting adults?

There is nothing that a government sanctioned marriage provides that simple contract law can’t.

There are already legal means for couples to deal with the dispersal of assets upon the death or separation of common law couples (marriages without the state involved). There are already legal formulas to deal with child support.

If a person has religious or cultural convictions that call for marital sanction from a religious or cultural leader, then what is stopping them from getting that sanction if the state isn’t involved?

If people are consenting adults (those two words are critical), who cares what sort of formalized relationship they may choose to have? What business is it of yours or mine to tell consenting adults what they may or may not do in relationships or what relationship statuses are valid or not? We are using the state as a proxy to impose restrictions on the actions of consenting adults and its utterly pointless.

I don’t care if ten consenting adults want to declare themselves as married in one way or another and neither should you. If you don’t like it, don’t participate in it. It really is that damn simple.

If you feel that your marriage is somehow less valid if it doesn’t have the stamp of approval from the government, the problem is yours.

Marital definitions only become a problem when the state imposes them. Get the state out and the problems are gone. Sure there are some individuals who will be critical of the relationships of others. That is their right but they will no longer have the means to intervene in those relationships.

There are many areas where we could cut government and it wouldn’t adversely impact our lives. Often the reduction of the state will make our lives better.

When it comes to marriage it should be a no brainer. Get the damn state out of it. When you look at objectively, our system which requires people to essentially have to ask the state for permission to marry is outright medieval.

Let’s work to put the state management of marriages into the dark ages where it belongs.

5 thoughts on “Why is government still involved in marriage?

    • Why not?

      If people have kids, there are already tax and regulations that apply whether the parents are married or not.

      If they are married without kids, why should they be any different than two individuals?

      There is nothing that a marriage certificate provides that the law doesn’t cover already.

        • Yes me and my ex who now owns the house I bought while paying no support.
          I am fine with it being individual I was just curious. I have always advocated for civil unions for all then go do your ceremony of choice, or not.

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