Union wants to create a true food access crisis.

When ridiculous and idiotic proposals abound during this pandemic, it is tough to manage to stand out from the pack. The notion proposed by the United Food and Commercial Workers union has managed to be absurd enough to break away from the bunch.

The UFCW is calling for governments to institute a program which would track every single person in the country and limit shopping trips to one per family per week.

Where to begin with the utter stupidity of this idea?

Food hording is already a problem. What do they think will happen if and when only one person from a family of 10 is supposed to pick up enough food for them all in one weekly trip?

How will single parents deal with the proposed restriction which would make it illegal for them to bring kids shopping?

How huge would the required bureaucracy be in order to implement such a plan?

The union head vapidly said that existing rewards cards would do the trick.

Is he on crack?????

OK, not everybody takes part in these programs. There are multiple programs with multiple companies and they sure as hell wont be sharing their database with competitors. Even if you somehow came up with a single database and new cards, how do you determine just how many people are in one household and ensure that only one of them ever does the weekly shopping trip?

How about pointing out the problem they are trying to solve here anyway. Has food shopping led to massive infections and deaths? No? Then don’t be an idiot.

I don’t think much of unions and I don’t expect much out of people in general but the UFCW had really outdone itself in underwhelming me with their critical thought.

I hope and expect that government officials will promptly tell union officials to jam this utterly moronic notion deeply into their collective nether regions.

We need to be looking at ways to open up the economy again, not ways to lead to further food supply challenges.

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