Trudeau’s firearm grab exempts the people most likely to have “assault style” firearms

Never being one to let a good crisis go to waste, Trudeau has piggybacked on the tragic circumstances in Nova Scotia in order to drop a massive, arbitrary gun-grab upon Canadians.

With apparently 1,500 types of firearms immediately being declared illegal yet no list of what these types actually are being released, possibly hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been immediately turned into criminals but with no way to know if and how they are.

Trudeau spat out how “assault style” weapons are only made to kill large numbers of people and how there is no reason that any citizen should need one. He then made a sweeping, racist exemption of native people from the ban as apparently they need these firearms in order to hunt?


I thought that the banned guns could only be used to kill people. How are natives using them to hunt then? How is it impossible to conceive that a non-native person may use them to hunt then?

Outside of military and police in Canada, the only people who I have consistently seen displaying “assault style” weapons in a threatening manner have been natives.

On top of that, native bands along the USA/Canada border have been the main smugglers of firearms into Canada for decades.

Justin Trudeau’s gun grab has immediately exempted the most egregious group of people on a racial basis.

I don’t want to see the gun grab extended to native people. I want to see the grab dropped altogether.

That said, if a legislation doesn’t apply to all races it is inherently racist and wrong. We have far too much race based policy as it is in Canada and adding more sure as hell does us no favors.

If Justin Trudeau truly wanted to ban “assault style” firearms in Canada, he would make the law apply to all races. Law enforcement would then have to target native bands because that is where most of these types of firearms come from and where they are residing.

Trudeau doesn’t have the courage to do that of course.

The reasons for dumping this gun grab are myriad not the least of which includes property rights.

It is the racist element of this new law which is most odious though and it makes the law useless right out of the gates.

Guess its time for firearm property owners to head to the courts.

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