Trudeau’s anti-Islamophobia representative apologizes for critiquing Islamophobia

Only in Canada you say?

How bizarre can it get?

If indeed Canada needs to appoint a person specifically to battle Islamophobia, one would presume they would be allowed to call out cases of discrimination.

In Canada though, Amira Elghawaby quickly found out that there are two Canadas. There is Quebec, and there is the rest of the country.

Quebec has the most discriminatory legislation in the country through its Bill-21.

They have banned any civil servants from wearing any form of religious apparel at work. Sihks will be fired for wearing turbans. Jews will be fired for wearing kippahs, and Muslims will be fired for wearing hijabs. It is a clear-cut case of discrimination and it clearly targets Muslims. Elghawaby called it out as she should have.

Then Quebec responded. The Bloc Quebecois went wild, they pressured the Liberal government, and within days, Amira Elghawaby issued a groveling, debasing apology to Quebec for doing her job.

Rest assured, she has learned her lesson. Quebec could start rounding up Muslims and publically whipping them, but Canada’s anti-Islamophobia appointee will not dare utter a peep about it.

If somebody in Alberta was found to have eaten a bacon sandwich within a block of a mosque, Amira Elghawaby will surely call for the incarceration of the cad and would decry Alberta for allowing it to happen.

Canada is broken and this is just another example of it.

The west needs to stand up for itself and the need is greater than ever.

Not saying the West should embrace Islamophobia by the way. It’s just time to end the national double standards with the provinces.

The Sovereigntist’s Handbook charts the course to independence. Let’s start advocating effectively, and let’s teach Ottawa that they are no more welcome to meddle in the West’s affairs than they are within Quebec.

Go to and get your copy now.

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