Trudeau plans to halt Alberta’s economic diversification efforts

As fast as Alberta can work to expand and diversify its economy, the Trudeau Liberals with the backing of Singh’s NDP is working to stop them.

Alberta is rich in natural resources and the end product is not simply oil. Petrochemicals make up all sorts of end products including hydrogen and yes, plastics.

Plastics are a huge and growing industry with world demand climbing, particularly in these pandemic times when people need single use PPE items. Aside from single use, plastics are in everything from your car to your phone to damn near every household item that you have. It only makes sense as a province rich in petrochemicals to further develop our production of raw plastic materials for export.

The Trudeau government has other plans however. They with the backing of the NDP plan to have plastic declared to be toxic in legislation. This would decimate Alberta’s plans for recycling and producing new plastic products as well as kill potential incoming investment in Alberta.

From the Alaska to Alberta railway to our conventional oilfield to plastics to natural gas, the Trudeau government has moved to block every initiative that Alberta has made to develop its struggling economy. Nobody sane would invest in Alberta when it is clear that the province is suffering under a vindictive, economic embargo from the federal government.

This is what happens when a province is stuck within a system which demands that the government cater only to central Canadian wants and needs.

Unfortunately, Premier Kenney’s long string of strongly worded letters to Ottawa will likely have little impact on their anti-Alberta actions.

The latest virtue signalling legislation will do nothing for the environment as a hungry world market will simply buy their plastic elsewhere. As usual though, Alberta will be left in the cold yet again.

2 thoughts on “Trudeau plans to halt Alberta’s economic diversification efforts

  1. The Mavericks better pick up their game soon, we need an alternative with the courage to pull out of this endless slump. This once great province is being discarded as though basic economics don’t apply to Canada. I’m all for cutting actual pollution, but sending it offshore where its out of site/out of mind only hurts Canadians and our reputation as a serious place to do business.

  2. As long as Kenny keeps operating as Trudeau’s doormat, nothing will change and the situation will continue to deteriorate.

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