These rallies and protests are not helping!!

Seriously guys. If the right wing wants to play the game of protests and rallies as the left used to, we have to get damned better at it and damned fast.

To start with, organizers have to take control of these rallies or they will lose their message every time.

I don’t care if its unfair that you get labelled due to a fringe that shows up at these things and sidetracks the event. Fair or not, the message is lost and the right end up looking like a bunch of assholes to the general electorate again.

As I type this, pictures are surfacing of signs that stupid assholes are waving at an anti-carbon tax rally.


What does the carbon tax have to do with gay activists? How about that sign though? What a beautiful shot. The leader of the Wildrose Party is framed within a picture of an anti-gay sign and it looks as if he endorses this and that it is the theme of the protest.

Just the perfect framing and timing along with the fact that the sign is pointing the other way makes me suspect that this is purposeful sabotage. So what though! Its your rally!

In cases like this, organizers should be getting speakers to denounce those signs and ask that people stop sidetracking the rally right there and then. It really will take action that proactive to stamp this shit out.


Carbon tax = sodomy????

Again, the fact that these assholes are hiding in the back makes me think it is a setup. Why would anybody try to tie sodomy to a fucking tax???

Again, it doesn’t matter. Speakers and organizers should be immediately telling these people to take their signs elsewhere because they will be wearing the message otherwise.

At an anti-carbon tax rally in Red Deer, some dolts figured it would be a fine time to wave their confederate flag.


Why? Why the hell bring out an utterly non-related and controversial symbol to a rally about a local tax?

I am not going down the rabbit hole of free expression and such. I feel these people have every right to wave and display whatever the hell they like.

These rallies however need to distance these idiots as much as possible and make no damned bones about it.

Whether fair or not, organizers and participants are all getting pulled into the anti-gay and even American civil war debate for attending a tax protest.

The protest is worthless if all that gets covered are the idiots.

Rallies and protests have value. We have some serious issues that need exposure and change.

Unless we can do these things while remaining on message though, we are only making things worse.

Get it together! We cant afford another term of Notley and if we keep letting ourselves get labelled as anti-gay racists, she may just do it again.


9 thoughts on “These rallies and protests are not helping!!

  1. Those two guys were laughing about being on the news and how they just “Hillaried” a protest like in the US.
    Trust me they were not there for anything other than to distract from the actual protest.
    My dad told them to eff off and just let us protest peacefully. They laughed at him and started taunting him so we moved away.

  2. Politics is 90% perception and the right nearly always gets its ass kicked on that level. Wingnut signs at protests, wild statements during elections and the steady drip, drip, drip of religious intolerance. No wonder conservatives lose so many elections.

  3. We will never defeat the Left on protests and demonstrations due to the fact that they have paid professional organizers who know how to do the job effectively.
    Various Foundations such as Tides and many other Soros backed organizations have funded these “grassroots” movements,and with that expertise comes a brilliant use of social media.

    It is odd that wealthy conservatives don’t do the same.I guess they prefer someone else to do the heavy lifting,or maybe just apply their influence to politicians directly.

  4. You seem like you have a clue, please tell me why “We cant afford another term of Notley” when they actually are doing a good job? After the major announcements from this week there’s next to no validity left in that claim.

  5. Carbon Tax = Sodomy

    The message seems pretty clear to me. The government is ramming this tax up the tax payers collective arse holes and forcefully down their throats.

    Hopefully no one lost their sensibilities in a triggered fit rage over that but what do I know.

  6. Morgan can’t stand social conservatives. He blames them for every loss. This is a trait he shares with that Howdy Doody look-alike Brian Jean.

    Socons need to organize THEMSELVES and let it be understood that they don’t care one bit if they don’t have enough numbers to elect a government. They DO have the numbers to deny one.

    Hate us? Your problem.

  7. I believe the majority of the electorate don’t support the left’s extreme agenda.

    Their is a lesson to be learned about what the Deplorables accomplished south of us, probably the same people you call assholes here.

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