The Liberals are coming after your home equity.

You work hard and pay taxes on your income.

You save your money and pay taxes on the capital gains.

You live responsibly and pay your bills on time thus building a good credit rating.

You purchase a home and pay taxes on the purchase.

You pay property taxes on the home.

You work hard to maintain the home and invest in renovations which of course you pay GST on.

After all of this, if all goes well your home will have gained equity.

Now the Liberal government of Canada is considering stealing your savings through an equity tax and the galling pricks have the nerve to call homeowners who have managed to gain equity “lotto winners”.

Doesn’t that feel nice?

Isn’t it good to know that your retirement and hard earned nest-egg may be snatched away in order to fund things such as the corrupted WE charity that appears to primarily exist in order to launder tax money towards well connected Liberals?

I wish that I was making up this gross travesty but alas its true. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (federal government arm) has spent $250,000 in order to study how to gouge Canadians with a home equity tax. When researchers literally describe hard working home owners as “lottery winners” one doesn’t have to wonder too hard about where they plan to go with it.

These are extreme ideologues who want to “equalize” the perceived inequity between renters and home owners. Like all practitioners of the politics of envy, they view the fruits of the labor of others as being unfairly earned somehow. They have a repugnant urge to seize those funds and give them to the irresponsible in hopes of creating an egalitarian utopia.

This is hardly new of course. It has been tried and failed in numerous nations from the Soviet Union to Venezuela. The only thing that changes with extreme socialists is the approach to their goals. In Canada they are trying to do it incrementally rather than through revolution. The end result will still be the same though. They will bankrupt the nation if allowed.

Will Canadians finally find the will to stand up and tell these thieves to piss off?

I fear not.

Canada is broken and the ride is only going to get worse.

Below is episode three of the Cor’s Notes podcast where Cory Morgan and Franco Terrazzano of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation discuss disastrous corporate welfare policies which are screwing taxpayers at all three levels of government. It is a great discussion of a pressing issue.

72 thoughts on “The Liberals are coming after your home equity.

  1. HOME OWNER UNITE – take down every Liberal MP in Canada !!!!! there are enough home owners to alter next election — big time !!!

      • Yes, it’s a good thing Canadians weren’t about trudeau BEFORE you elected the prick TWICE. No sympathy here!!

        • It’s Ontario and Quebec that determine who leads, the rest of the country together doesn’t have the voters. We’re just at the mercy of others to make the right choice. Is there Even a right choice doesn’t seem to be anyone politician that has anyone’s interest at heart but their own!

        • After you contribute to the Canadian economy for 40+ years you should no longer pay taxes. A 65 year old that just moved to Canada absolutely should pay taxes.

          • I agree – people who never worked in Canada and didn’t contribute at all in anything , should be sponsored by their children not by the Government.

        • I have maintained that for years, at least put a decent ceiling on your income , like 100,000 dollars . .
          One other comment I would like to make is , when we were working CCP and EI was a tax deduction why are we paying taxes on the income tax earned on our take home pay ? We never saw that money it was taken right off the top and sent to the Gov’t. therefore that belonged to the Gov’t. why is that added in as income that is no different than CCP or EI? We shouldn’t be taxed on it ?

      • Leadership is not robbing the Canadians this is absolutely ridiculous we have to stand up against it!!!! We pay enough tax as it is!!!

      • In Alberta home values have gone way down due to their crap. Does this mean I get a rebate lol. They can shove their crap up their butts right next to their brain .

  2. When will Canadians wake up and fight the Corrupt Liberal Government? The Easteners are so brainwashed it’s unbelievable with more MP’S in Ontario and Quebec this needs to change ! Fight for your rights, it’s been proven time again that the people who Unite will win there freedom !!
    Proud Albertan !!!

    • United we stand…… divided we fall….. that is what is happening….. they are trying to divide us any way they can, color, language, religion, all of these things they are stirring the pot and hoping we all get caught up with the fight….. much easier to control us if we are in chaos rather then being united….

    • I live in Eastern Ontario, and I certainly didn’t vote the Liberals in to power! I hate them with a passion! And, there are a lot of us in Ontario who feel the same way! They a corrupt bunch of idiots who think they are beyond the law. This recent round of corruption will not be dealt with anymore than the rounds before it. Trudeau will get a little slap on the hand, and continue on with robbing us, and being his crooked self.

      • Hope it will not be the case this time. If Liberals will support PM it means they are a part of this corrupted party. If they pass by-law something and say the enforcement will be executed by police, why the by-law and the legal legislation do not apply to them?

  3. That is typical liberal. Hardworking Canadians are forced to pay for the party’s failures again and again. Hardworking homeowners are forced to lose income on their rental properties or the profits of their primary residence. Are we becoming the soviet union? When the hardworking taxpayers can be rewarded for being the driving force of the economy instead of being the subjects of ripping off?

  4. You are already paying property taxes. You paid tax for any and all improvements you made on your property along with your mortgage and interest on that. How many times should you be taxed on your property and why should Trudeau take more from you for your hard work? This is just theft by the Liberal Government.

    • The Liberal government is and will always be financially irresponsible. It time to get all Liberals out of government. This gouging money from all hard working people needs to end. Stop funding lazy irresponsible people and force them to join the working world so they can pay taxes and see what’s it like to fund free loaders.

  5. I don’t own a house anymore but I will walk with those that do ,every politicia should get a great welcome at his home or office GET THE OPPOSITION EARNING THEIR PAY AND SCREW TRUDEAU AND HIS PUPPETS

  6. fucking corrupt pieces of shit…homeowners pay a lot of money already and had to work hard and earn money to buy that house…now they want to give it to the lazy people? Sick of this shit…work hard and become a homeowner…have the responsibility of paying for roofing, plumbing, furnaces, windows, lawn care, maintenance etc…then watch some lazy ass take the money you earned…they are again doing this on secret !!! F them !!!

  7. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to matter which party has political power, they get corrupt and this will keep happening until there is accountability. Our political leaders need to be held accountable of which as of now they are not.

  8. This is getting out of control…These people need to live on our wages and try to save for there retirement and pay there bills,,etc…they would,not make it…How much do they think canadians can take before we have no money left for them to take…..It ,s time to tell them no more..

    • When this Covid- 19 first came out Quebec hardly had any people that had contracted it , then all of a sudden they got it leaps and bounds , my opinion only , but , I think that was inflated so Trudeau could send more money to Quebec . Has anyone found out how much money was sent to Quebec over the virus I haven’t been able to find out. Remember his comment ” Quebec doesn’t belong to Canada , Canada belongs to Quebec ” I live in the west and I would be for the 4 western provinces to split from the east and quit sending money to the federal Gov’t. and form our own , if that were to happen they would starve to death .

  9. It doesn’t seem to me that enough people are awakened to the absolute corruptness of all Parties, and the traitorous actions of them selling out to globalism. People need to wake up and stand up…..This Covid is a means to and end to ‘re-set’ the financial structure and depend on corporate owned government for every aspect of our lives. Wake UP CANADA!!!!!

    • Agree
      Also the WE charity has been a financial scam all along I was able to review their financial statements and 10% went to charity and 90% went to their own private companies and purchasing high end real estate
      So that explains the fact that they have defaulted on their bank loans going over a decade
      Trudeau was well aware where the 900 million dollar went as they put down payments on 3 million dollars properties on Queen st in Toronto

  10. This latest home equity tax scheme dreamt up by the Liberal Finance Minister who has a hard time remembering how many French Chateaus he owns.

  11. When are the Hard working Men & women going to Realize that the Liberals are Traitors to our country.
    This is beyond Horseshit on so many levels!!!
    You may live in a box & eat cat food by the time these Bastards are done!!!

  12. Who voted this loser Trudeau in??? The guy has been one disgrace after another since he arrived – a menace to Canada and CDNs….the Liberals – like their American cousins are a bunch of broken, treasonous , degenerate hate mongers that want all freedoms destroyed. ANY hack CDN that votes OR voted liberal should get on their knees and choke themselves right before dropkicking themselves thru the goalposts of life!!!

  13. These morons don’t give shit about Canadians. They care only about the bulge they can stuff in their slush funds through every slimy thieving angle they can push through.

    Canadians need to get off their asses and stopped being shamed into silence. Or shut up permanently and assume the position over another political barrel.

    Fuking crook politicians, nothing less, nothing more…

  14. Pay attention Canada! Unless we see some serious change moving forward the worst is yet to come and it won’t be good

  15. Trudeau is a blood sucking greedy prick that is only interested in driving canadians into poverty and helping his friends and this needs to stop

  16. My husband and I have never voted Liberal and NEVER WILL. THIS IS JUST ONE OF THE MANY, MANY REASONS. THE LIBERALS ARE AS CORUPPT as they came. The Liberals can definitely take this and go to HELL. WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP VOTING THEM TO. I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THAT!! They come up with some ridiculous WAY to keep robbing us blind. NO MORE, WE MUST ALL TAKE A STAND AGAINST THE USELESS, GOOD FOR NOTHING IDIOTS. IT’S NOW OR NEVER.

    • Not hard to figure that one out the Federal Gov’t. gives to Quebec and Ontario that is why he gets in . If you followed this when Trudeau was in his first 4 years when the money was being distributed to the other provinces the west got nothing and Quebec received 13.4 billion dollars , go figure. Buying votes…

  17. I think its time to create some independent over site committee which can stop government blunders ! This can’t go on @#$%&

    • ???Truth. Every comment I actually agree with. Too bad as previously stated there is more ppl who think.. ill just take my minimum handout so I dont have to work….. Throw in populations with many more voters than the small hard working class apparentl minority… who is too busy WORKING to sit on the internet and fight and get our work in to all these squeeky corrupt give me give me losers. I give up liberals get in again I’m quiting work abs going on welfare… That’s the answer right!?!?

  18. The only things governments are good at are spending money foolishly and finding new ways to get more money from us. I have sacrificed so much to get my house paid for before I retire. It’s all I have. If the government wants to tax the equity, I guess I won’t be retiring. We can thank Justin this time, but whichever part of Canada you live in, prepare yourselves for lots of “inventive” ideas from all levels of government to get more of your paycheque. You didn’t think they were deferring taxes, mortgages etc with no plan to get it all back and more….did you?

    • I felt the same as you did have my house paid for which I did and thought I would have a good retirement , well , what happened I moved out west to fight a drug addict women for our grandson it took us 3 years and a 150,000 dollars we finally won , the courts don’t care if the mother is on drugs or not they still bend towards the mother . It cost me my house in Sask. two condo’s in BC , but , we won you can’t put a price on a life . Now I am pushing 80 years old and have a house mortgage , but ,I still put a roof over my families head…We are making ends meet… I did hear from a friend that said that you should never pay your house off as long as you can afford the payments you are better off ..I will never pay my house off now before I expire some one else can take over.

  19. Canadians voted for change. They got change. The Liberals never promised change for the better. Canadian voters are stupid and get what they deserve. The Conservatives lack the ability to gain the trust of voters, because they are as liberal as the Liberals! We need a political party that represents the abused, molested, and violated tax payers. It’s time to support a party that has the guts to claw back the debt created by parasitic politicians. A 95% tax on all pensions provided to elected and appointed officials (temporary; just until the debt is paid off). The remaining 5% to be paid in Canada Savings Bonds that are not redeemable for 10 years (or age 70 which ever is longer). If you think that these measures will drive good people away from politics, then you are another stupid voter. We currently pay our politicians far more than they deserve, and look at the garbage we have running our country! A new political party with diligent, tax-payer-focused priorities is the only hope for Canada.

  20. How the Liberals got voted in, marginally, have put Canadians last, and now paying close to 42 percent total taxes, we have to fund their retirement monies with our homes.

  21. Every Canadian should stop paying all taxes. Businesses should stop charging and paying taxes. This would unite all Canadians. Cut off the flow of cash and they would have no choice but to listen. Once in this position we can negotiate percentages, by lowering them and removing others. Enough is enough.

  22. It’s sad to see the Liberals to take from our retirement. We need to stand together, see what your MPP is doing to stop this crime.

  23. We have 6 Canadian minority white young adults 3 of them own their own homes with mortgages, 5 paid their way through College, University. All working jobs, one is a quadriplegic (bike accident). No gov’t or politician deserves they’re “sweat” home equity or Our Canadian equity ever….Our Red & White colors F’n matter now!! Respect was what this Country used to be about! Hard working good people of all colors under 1 red and white Canadian flag!

    You pay to support a large government
    of inept self-serving ministers
    and bureaucrats.
    You pay taxes for whatever you buy
    with money that’s already been taxed.
    You pay property taxes
    with money that’s already been taxed.
    Taxes on top of taxes
    unceasing even when you die.

    But then
    Why blame the government
    When we the comatose
    Put them there
    To screw us all they want!

    We are a proud nation of
    35 million masochists,
    growing, and growing.

  25. This is totally stealing from the Canadian people. If you buy a house by the time you have paid it off you have paid for it more then twice over the length of your 25 year mortgage . The interest has not be accounted for as a right off as well as property taxes over the length of payments . Claim all of that and there really isn’t any equity at all to be factual ! It is a joke . People will have a class action lawsuit against the government. Or people will just not sell there houses killing the market and how many real estate agent jobs . People will refinance!

    • He’s an idiot! Foreign buyers should be paying double for homes. That’s how they should be making the money back. The buyers from China buy up so many homes here and leave them empty when half of Canadians can even afford rent. They use numbered companies and Canada allows it to happen.

  26. I will literally fly down to Ottawa and walk to Parliament with, I hope, millions of other extremely fed up and dissatisfied Canadians….over my dead body will Trudumb and his cronies get one cent of the equity in my home.

  27. This is Canadian deep state. 1 % elite taking more from us . We are only slaves to them and this has been going on for centuries. We need to stop it.

  28. I just wish more evidence was provided in this article. Who exactly is proposing this? Who has entered any of these fiscusssipns? When? Lets get these facts so we can respond accordingly. I am alarmed by the problem you raise, but your article left me devoid of the ability to fight back. Also, we will never progress as a society when (amd indeed as a specific interest geoup), of all we reduce ourselves is political xolour bashing. The liberals have always conducted themselves as a corrupt party. But rhe conservatives?? Take from the hard-worki g tax payer and fatten my big-i yetwst friends. Wouldn’t trust ANY of them. The NDP?? Who? Lets get real. Lets put social venting to better use and hold each individual politician accountable, otherwise our energy just gets lost.

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