Thank Sweden for continuing to prove pandemic doomsayers wrong

Sweden has taken a lot of international flak for daring to buck the trend and refusing to get onto the COVID-19 panic bandwagon.

While nations castrated their local economies through sudden and ill-planned lock downs, Sweden kept things voluntary. Restaurants, hair dressers and schools remained open while social distancing was encouraged,

Sweden was scolded and condemned by the international Karen community. It was foretold that Sweden would surely become the next Italy within two weeks for the last four months. Sweden was condemned as a heartless nation which surely would kill a quarter of its population.

Even today, Sweden infuriates the world busybodies by refusing to get on the obsessive mask bandwagon.

So with months of this having passed, how has it all turned out?

Sweden’s pandemic numbers look just like those of nations which shut down and have imposed mask laws.

The world needed a control group for pandemic reactions and Sweden provided it. The world should be expressing gratitude as Sweden is proving rather clearly that the lock downs appear not to have accomplished a damn thing.

Look at the curves in the image showing deaths and new infections of Canada right next to Sweden. The trend is strikingly similar. The infections rose, deaths rose, they peaked and both have fallen to tiny levels currently. In the last week Sweden has had four COVID-19 deaths. While indeed tragic for those four families, out of 10 million people that is essentially what the flu would normally kill.

Instead of looking to Sweden for inspiration, panic porn aficionados continue to try and pick at Sweden’s success. They point to neighboring Norway and howl “Sweden had higher deaths per million than Norway!! Murderers!!”. The omit that Belgium had far more deaths per million than Sweden however and Belgium had a lockdown. Sweden fared better than many nations in deaths per million and that number will continue to improve as Sweden’s deaths appear to have flatlined while other nations still have deaths rising.

If the doomsayers were to be believed, Sweden should far and away have been the worst nation on the planet as far as pandemic numbers go. They should not be residing in the middle of the pack. The deaths should be exploding and the infections should be raging. It simply isn’t happening and it clearly won’t.

Sweden simply ripped off the band-aid faster than the rest of us. The pandemic swept through their nation as with any other and the curve looked the same. As we see growing evidence that asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 are very common, it is getting clear that far more people caught and shed the virus already than was previously suspected. Sweden is approaching herd immunity while nations which locked down actually managed to put that off. It looks like we are all getting to the same numbers in the end but some countries will have done a hell of a lot more damage to their economies on the way there than others did.

Nobody likes to admit that they are wrong. Those of the apocalyptic pandemic set who demanded and managed to get crushing lock downs imposed do not want to have to face the increasingly evident reality that the lock downs didn’t accomplish a damn thing. They rage, they shame, they shout down and they deny. They have gotten cult-like in their belief that a virus can be stopped through state intervention and no amount of evidence to the contrary will convince them otherwise. Thus the hatred directed at a nation like Sweden which had always been considered rather innocuous on the world scene. “How dare you!”

Sweden didn’t do nothing in reaction to the pandemic. They encouraged social distancing. Many people voluntarily reduced interactions and stayed home. Many large events and activities were postponed or canceled. Their economy still slowed and they had to adjust their daily living habits. The big difference though is that Sweden didn’t use the heavy hand of the state to try and quarantine the healthy and it has paid off.

We should be studying Sweden rather than picking on them. We should be emulating Swedes rather than shunning them.

Most of all we should be thanking Sweden. Without them, the pandemic panic crowd would have been able to falsely claim that their lock downs stopped COVID-19 in its tracks.

It is looking more and more evident that this virus is not nearly as deadly as the “experts” hysterically claimed it would be and that letting it run its course is our best course of action.

The numbers don’t lie.

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