Thank Alyssa Milano for ending the #MeToo movement.

The only way trends of the “woke” such as the #MeToo movement end is when they inevitably come around and bite the enlightened left in the ass.

It is unfortunate but it is a simple reality that “b” list celebrities are bigger drivers of public opinion on these sorts of issues than legal experts or policy makers. They drive the social media mob and the mainstream media gives them plenty of oxygen to work with.

The #MeToo hysteria hit a fever pitch during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings for his Supreme Court appointment and Alyssa Milano was holding a torch at the front of the parade.

The acting coming from Alyssa Milano during the hearings was her best work since Who’s the Boss as she appeared at every presser that she could find in order to emotionally demand that due process should be set aside when it comes to Kavanaugh.

Never mind that the allegations against Kavanaugh had no evidence to back them, were from decades ago and all came from people who appeared to have some strong political motivations behind them.

Milano and her cadre of social justice warriors had set the bar. The word of a self-proclaimed “survivor” was always to immediately be considered as being sacrosanct. Anybody daring to question the veracity of the accusations against Kavanaugh was to be swarmed and shut down as they were clearly misogynistic monsters who support sexual assault.

Thankfully the efforts of Milano and her associated mob failed. After having been dragged through the mud for weeks, due process won and Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court. It was found shortly afterwards that the allegations against him were indeed flimsy bullshit.

Alyssa Milano’s principles were put to the test this week and she failed dismally.

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden has emerged as the Great White Hope for the Democrats in this fall’s election. With years of bizarre behavior around women behind him, it wasn’t terribly shocking to see the sexual misconduct allegations surface shortly after his having gotten he Democratic nomination nod.

Former Joe Biden staffer Tara Reade has come forward with allegations that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.

Now with the bar having been set by Milano and her ilk, this should have immediately ended Biden’s bid for the Presidency no?

Reade’s allegations should be taken immediately and fully at face value and without question. That is the premise of #MeToo is it not? It doesn’t matter how long it has been. It doesn’t matter how little evidence there is. This has to be taken as gospel.

So how did Alyssa Milano respond?

She dismissed Tara Reade’s allegations as being bullshit and reaffirmed her support for Biden.

Suddenly she has discovered due process and feels that allegations should be investigated. For the sake of all women’s equality no less.

The hypocrisy was galling to the point where even the Hollywood types couldn’t hold back any longer.

Former Charmed co-star Rose McGowan brilliantly ripped Milano a new asshole on twitter.

Most of the social justice left simply went silent on the Biden issue. That may have let it run its course.

With Alyssa Milano diving neck deep into a pool of hypocritical bullshit on this one though, she has effectively dynamited the entire #MeToo movement.

People again have the ability to question allegations of sexual misconduct and they have the right to due process. Reputations do have value and accusers are no longer above critique.

Just as Justin Trudeau is to be thanked for ending the political witch hunt into people’s youthful past in order to find any glimmers of racism due to his blackface habit, we should thank Alyssa Milano for ending the #MeToo witch hunt.

Nobody in their right mind wants to see people get away with sexual misconduct.

That said, people in their right minds understand that due process and a presumption of innocence is critical in a just society.

Thanks to Alyssa Milano’s hysteric performance during the Kavanaugh affair and her unconscionable flip-flop during the Biden affair, folks in their right mind have taken control of the discussion again.

For now.

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