Taxi drivers are now a race!

In their desperate quest to find racism where little exists, online social justice warriors (SJWs) have now determined that any critique of cab drivers is an act of racism which demands online reporting and a ban from Twitter.

I really wish I was kidding.

It began (as these things often do) with a simple tweet. It was a few days ago, hadn’t gotten much reaction and I had pretty much forgotten about it. Some goofy SJW spotted it this evening and brought it back into the scroll along with a pile of ridiculous accusations. This of course drew out more of their ilk as SJWs are indeed drawn to social media swarms like flies to shit.

I was tweeting in response to an idiotic class action suit launched by Toronto cab drivers whining about Uber which was rightly thrown out by a judge.

While I wasn’t nice about it, my point still stands. Taxi drivers have alienated consumers while hiding behind protected cab license monopolies for decades. This has allowed service issues to fester such as timeliness, politeness and personal hygiene. Not every driver was bad of course but far too many were and there was little that consumers could do about it. Anybody who has spent a lot of time in cabs over the last few decades has experienced all of the above problems. Not always but far too much.

Years of taking passengers for granted by cabs has allowed ride sharing services to explode onto the scene. There was little sympathy or loyalty to be felt from abused consumers for the plight of taxis as the market changed.

Now here is where it gets loopy. A tweeter who goes by Saje3331 fires out the tweet below.

When I pointed out that there was no racism in my tweet and that cab drivers come in all colors, she again called me a racist and apparently reported me to Twitter in hopes of my being banned.

When others asked her where the hell the racism was in my tweet, she started posting weird stuff about her marks in school and such. I blocked her as it was getting more than weird.

Not to be outdone in idiocy, some dingdong named Craig Rigden jumps in with a vapid assertion.

Um Craig, criticizing poor taxi service is exactly what I was doing. It is rather literal in the tweet.

As others began to ask Rigden where the racism was, he kept posting a screen snap with parts of my tweet circled in it which again only demonstrated a critique of cab drivers yet in his addled world he somehow felt he was demonstrating some sort of crazy proof of racism.

I then blocked him of course. I do fear that idiocy can be contagious if followed closely enough.

The fellow below is either lying or has no sense of smell. Either way, one of those conditions has somehow made him determine that my posting was intolerant of new Canadians somehow.

A number of other idiots chimed in but there is little sense pasting them all here. It is all much the same baseless crap from them.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Issues with the poor personal hygiene of cab drivers have been happening all around the world.

In a municipality in the UK a council had to take action to battle smelly cab drivers

In San Diego the airport had to actually do a smell test on drivers due to so many passenger complaints. The drivers should have simply bathed rather than complained.

In Indonesia cab drivers were tested for stench as well.

Nobody wants to be trapped in a vehicle for a period of time with a driver who smells like a goat’s asshole and it is neither unreasonable nor racist to complain when drivers do indeed smell that way (and at times they do no matter which race).

Soap and deodorant are indiscriminate. They work on every race and every race needs constant applications of both. Especially if they are going to drive a damned cab.

Forgotten were my critiques of the timeliness and politeness. It was the mention of the stench that drew most of the ire of the social justice loons.

Full disclosure here, I have been driving for Uber on occasion for the last couple years. It is a good way to make a few extra bucks now and then when my pub is slow.

Note that with 367 trips, I have maintained a 4.93 out of 5 rating from passengers.

My sparkling personality didn’t do it so what was it?

It was pretty simple. I don’t drive like a maniac, I am polite and helpful with the passengers, I don’t decline fares and oh yea I FUCKING WASH REGULARLY!

That is the beauty of ride share systems. They put responsibility directly into the driver’s hands for good customer service. You can directly rate your driver and it matters. If a driver rating drops too low, they can lose their ability to drive. All you could do before was perhaps call a dispatcher at a cab company to leave a complaint which will be immediately forgotten.

This of course gives drivers a very direct incentive to do a good job.

With added competition in the market from ride sharing companies, taxis have finally been upping their game as well though it will be too late for many. They simply stunk for too damn long.

Most Uber drivers are visible minorities too by the way.

The world of social justice has gotten so insane that they try to quell all contrary discussion with cries of racism to the point where taxi drivers are apparently a race unto themselves and thus above critique. It is absurd but these nuts do manage to shut good voices and debates down at times. While the social justice twitter mob was trying to swarm me for daring to question taxi service, we had a case in Calgary where some nut has purposely been assaulting random people with purely racial motives involved. That is real racism but the social justice gang is too busy inventing “dog whistles” to take notice of or deal with it.

The irony of the whole thing is that the fools accusing me of racism are working on their own personal assumption that all cab drivers are visible minorities. That is pure racism on their own part but their self-absorbed world of social justice won’t let them see it.

Now aside from the race baiting hysteria, I do wish more taxi drivers would fucking bathe and wear deodorant. Or maybe as an Uber driver I don’t….

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