Keep gagging those MLAs Ed.

The Stelmach caucus It is not terribly surprising. Despite having lost what would have been considered one of the PCs safest seats a couple weeks ago, Special Ed clearly has not learned a lesson from it. Ed was sent a message but the message fell on deaf ears. One of the turning points of the Calgary Glenmore by-election campaign was when Diane Colley-Urquhart stated at a forum that she would not put the interests of her constituents ahead of the interests of the party. While Diane was admirably honest in saying that, it killed her chances of winning the seat. People want representation. Is it really that confusing?

 We see now that Kyle Fawcett has been spanked for daring to speak up for his constituents.  Kyle will no doubt be hidden in the back benches for at least an entire term for his attempted show of integrity.

 It is so laughable (in a sad way) when PC candidates try to claim that the only way to get a voice in the legislature is to support the governing party. It is rather clear that the exact opposite is the reality.

 A vote for the PCs is simply a vote for the dictatorial judgement of Ed Stelmach. No PC MLA is allowed to speak for themselves or their constituents. This is pretty much a proven fact now. A vote for the PCs is nothing less than a wasted vote. One almost has to wonder why we have 83 seats? Why don’t we eliminate them and simply make one nice big throne for Ed?

 The Wildrose Alliance Party will allow MLAs to represent their constituents. It is clear that Albertans are realizing this as the party growth has been explosive.

 I do fear for how much damage Ed Stelmach will do to the province before Albertans get the next chance to replace him. I am happy though that the replacement for Ed and his tired party is well in the works.

Alberta’s Liberal Panel.

 I guess we should be happy that Stelmach has realized that he is incapable of managing Alberta’s government and economy. Special Ed has taken it upon himself to appoint a panel to take over where he has failed. Unfortunately,  Stelmach has appointed people on the same caliber of foresight and intelligence as himself.

 To begin with Ed has chosen Anne McLellan. Remember her? The former LIBERAL deputy prime minister who was integral in implementing the $2 billion dollar gun registry. Yes, this is clearly a mind of fiscal wisdom. Anne was an integral part of Chretien’s regime.

 Next is David Dodge. Dodge was the LIBERAL appointed head of the Bank of Canada. He was an integral part of Chretien’s regime.

 Adding to the list is David Emerson. This is the LIBERAL MP opportunist who quit his own party in order to get into Harper’s cabinet. Emerson was too cowardly to face the electorate after his appointment and sniveled away in less than two years rather than face the electorate again after having crossed the floor.  

 By the way, Emerson is from Montreal, Dodge is from Toronto and Anne is from Nova Scotia. One would think that after putting tens of thousands out of work that Ed could find some local talent. Ed sure has tapped the bastion of federal Liberals anyway.

 Albertans think that they elected a conservative? Look where Special Ed will be getting his advice now;?

 Federal Liberals who could not make the grade are now Ed Stelmach’s braintrust.


Alberta government considers Chief Electoral Officer insignificant.

I see no other way to interpret this news story.

 Most will remember, the Progressive Conservative government fired our Chief Electoral Officer (Lorne Gibson) a few months ago for his daring to make suggestions to improve elections in Alberta.

 Well we still need to find a new person for that role but it appears that Alberta’s Corporate Human Resources’ executive search branch (quite a mouthful) does not have time to try and recruit for what they view as such a petty position.

“To manage our level of resources and high work demands, we are currently limiting our search services to meet the needs of Alberta government departments and significant agencies, boards and commissions.”  -branch executive director Alayne Stewart


 Yes, somehow our bloated and over funded civil service can’t find time to try and seek a Chief Electoral Officer. The position is considered too insignificant. The disdain that the PC’s hold for the democratic process becomes more evident all the time.

 The government can afford to spend millions developing an idiotic logo that could have been made in five minutes using paint, but we can’t afford to have the HR department place a classified ad and do a couple interviews I guess.

 I expect that it will take time to find a lackey to fill the role to the standards of our provincial government. The person must know their place and never dare question the wishes of Special Ed lest they be fired.

 If the role of supervising the electoral process in our province is insignificant, just what the hell is significant?

 The government certainly doesn’t underfund their PR department (though that department can’t tell which continent Alberta is on).

 I guess the priorities of the government are simply to spend a fortune telling us how good they are and to cash-starve the one mechanism we have to say otherwise; elections.