Good to see some feds taking interest.

Now while I am generally a regionalist and am more often than not being in favor of the provinces making their own decisions, I do recognize that as long as we insist on the feds holding the purse-strings in our socialized medical system, they have the right to call some of the shots.

 Conservative MP, Pierre Poilievre says that Ottawa should cut the expenditures on sex-change operations from federal health transfers to the provinces.

 The reality of socialized medicine is that we have a finite pool of spending and that spending has to be prioritized. In a perfect world we would have a bottomless pool of cash to throw at every Prince Charming who wants to become a princess. Sadly, the world is not perfect and we have much better things to do with our increasingly dwindling healthcare dollars than to fund sex-changes.

 If a person feels that bigger breasts, a better nose or a lack of a pecker will benefit their mental well-being, hey power to ya. Spend your own money on it.

 If a person is mentally confused and thinks they are Napolean, shall healthcare pay for surgery to shorten them to help them fit the role? The possibility of surgical intervention to ease the mentally confused is endless, our taxdollars are not.

Alas it appears that I have offended the comic book gang.

 Yes folks in my innocent proposal to speed the process and save taxpayer’s dollars on sex-change procedures, I appear to have raised the ire of the comic book crowd in Canada

 I guess I can see how transexuals and comic book folks can relate to each other to a degree.

 Both are sub-cultures that are often the target of some ribbing. Both have terribly limited themselves in their choice of sexual partners. Both are often prone to some rather less than fashionable choices of dressing. Both are prone to living in their parent’s basements well into adulthood. While transsexuals often can be found wearing thongs, comic book folks have often suffered wedgies thus can relate to posterior pressure.

 These commonalities clearly have led to some empathy between these groups thus I should not be too terribly surprised that in offending one, I have offended another.

 I see the fellow who has taken issue with me has fallen back on the usual bigot accusation among the rest of his profanity laden rant. Ahh well, tis the usual tactic of those with no case. An irony in that is the abuse I took in the past with my open support of same sex marriages from conservatives who are usually of similar mindset to me. While we often debated heatedly, I never had to lower myself to the near-Godwin type of cop out of the accusations of bigotry.

 As stated before, I could not care less what transexuals (or comic book geeks) want to do with themselves. They have every right to pursue whatever makes them happy. 

 A line gets crossed when one is asking me as a taxpayer to fund their pursuits however. I do not and never will support public funding for surgery that simply is not medically required.  I fear the comic book gang may have themselves declared an identifiable group and then pursue liposuction and bicep implants with my taxdollars.  The comic book folks would be well advised to thicken their skins rather than their waistlines if indeed they want to be taken more seriously.

 Either way, I still have not had any applications for my garage procedure though I am keeping my fingers crossed. I believe in recycling and do indeed have a needle and thread. I will be able to do the woman to man thing shortly upon treating my first man to woman patient.


Tax dollars at work.

 I see that Ontario has resumed covering sex-change operations within their healthcare system. I wonder how long it will take before Alberta follows suit?

 Of course in trying to justify this utterly elective procedure, it has been pointed out that the de-bonings will only cost around $20,000 each. That must be comforting to people dying on waiting lists in Canada’s increasingly unsustainable socialized healthcare system. I would hate to be the nurse who has to explain to somebody; “I am sorry sir, we will have to delay your bypass surgery a little longer, the operating room is occupied by a man getting his weiner removed.”

 Well, clearly the push will be on soon for Alberta to cover these procedures. We have a few million people here and doubtless there has to be at least a handful who want to have healthy and functional portions of their bodies removed on the taxpayers backs.

 In anticipation of this, I am offering my surgical services for sex-change operations right now. My procedure will have the same outcome and will only cost $200 per organ. My special offer costs 1% of the Ontario procedure. I have invested in the required materials that are pictured below. 


Precision surgical organ removal tool.

Infection prevention.

Covering for the incision so the patient may leave my garage.

 Until the public system in Alberta can create casterati at a price comparable to mine, I would say there is utterly no reason to burden our doctors and hospitals with those excess peckers. I look forward to doing many procedures.

Fivefeetoffury kinda says it well too.


 With more digging I have found that sex changes are already covered in Alberta.

 According to Egale: “The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) covers SRS and a variety of related procedures including chest reconstruction and breast augmentation.

SRS is performed in a Montreal clinic while Alberta physicians perform the other procedures.”

 So not only are taxpayers paying for these operations, we are paying to fly people around the country to get them.

 In looking at Alberta medical benefits legislation however I find this:

Alteration of appearance surgery

8   No benefit is payable with respect to a surgical procedure for the alteration of appearance performed for emotional, psychological or psychiatric reasons unless the Minister gives approval prior to the surgery being performed.” 

 Now would not the statement in the legislation preclude the wishes of these folks seeking to have their jewels cut off? Does the Minister approve every request?

 I must say I am confused (not so confused as to forget my own gender however).

 Hey, if somebody wants to surgically mutilate themselves, I truly could not care less if they are paying their own bill. Our healthcare system is way overtaxed as it is however and there are higher priority things to be done before paying for noodle removals.

 Now what am I going to do with all that stuff I bought for my garage surgery?