Trudeau may want to gender neutralize his own back yard.

Most of us have already heard clips of Prime Minister Trudeau chiding a woman asking a question at a town hall meeting last week and asking her to use the term “people kind” rather than the terribly offensive and non-inclusive term “mankind”.

If you haven’t heard it yet, the short video clip below covers it.

It is hardly a shocker when Justin Trudeau acts the buffoon. It is not terribly surprising to see Trudeau awkwardly trying to pander to the extreme feminist types who feel that every possible word that is traditionally gender associated is inherently non-inclusive and is offensive.

If Trudeau does indeed plan to get on the absurd language police bandwagon though, he may want to begin with his own cabinet ministers.

Catherine McKenna is Canada’s environment minister.

As a female social justice lawyer McKenna was perfectly suited for a senior cabinet role in Trudeau’s gender quota based cabinet. Actual experience in environmental issues was secondary to the role.

McKenna made headlines as she boldly declared that climate change was not gender neutral!

Leave it to a quota placement to manage to turn an environmental issue into a social justice one. Ms. McKenna had to apply her experience to the portfolio somehow I guess.

As a poster child for political correctness however, Catherine McKenna’s own words don’t appear to follow her own doctrine.

Apparently it is perfectly OK to apply gender associations to things as long as they are male and in a negative connotation.

“Science is science.”.

How profound. Case closed apparently.

Beyond that though, apparently only men are responsible for climate change and it disproportionately harms women.

Clearly climate change is actually the outcome of a long misogynistic conspiracy created in order to keep women down.

Women who operate motor vehicles are not causing climate change but men are. Women are harmed in weather events but men aren’t.

People like McKenna are very careful about how they place their words, particularly when it comes to gender association.

Maybe it was simply a one off. A slip of the keyboard so to speak.

Oh wait:


Heavens not again.

I will not rest until Justin Trudeau demands that Catherine McKenna declares climate change as being “person made”!

Actually, I don’t really give a shit what she wants to call things.

I do wish however that social justice warriors led by none other than our Imbecile in Chief Justin Trudeau would stop giving a shit and telling me what I can call things.

Language doesn’t bother me but hypocrisy does.

Clean up your own Trudeau before telling us how to speak and whether or not we can say such things as “mankind”.