Another gem from Pat Condell.

 There are few things that are more effective in getting me to address an issue than having a person or group say that I should not talk about that issue.

 The cowardice on the the part of western elected officials when it comes to protecting freedom of speech for critics of Islam (the religion of peace) is staggering.

 If there is ever going to be an end to the worldwide slaughter and terror perpetuated by Islamic extremists, we need to be able to openly discuss the actions of them.

 As always, Mr. Condell excellently explains the gutless actions of England’s parliament in the video below.

 Geert Wilders has been a controversial figure for a variety of reasons. When Wilders made the video below, the Islamic world predictably went postal, called for the death of Wilders and has been working very hard to pressure politicians worldwide to make the man persona non grata worldwide.

 Sadly to a degree the Islamic extremists have been successful in their efforts of censorship and terror.

 What was not factual in the video that Wilders produced? Utterly nothing. All Wilders did was compile actions carried out by Islamic extremists. Wilders also showed some of the writings in the Koran that extremists use to justify their actions. Finally, Wilders demonstrated the leadership in the Muslim world encouraging their followers to continue to carry out slaughter and terror around the world.

 Nothing hurts more than the truth. Nothing seems to put Islamic extremists into a frenzy more effectively than the truth.

 We need to stop tiptoeing around the issue. Extreme Islam has been causing misery around the world and the actions of the followers of that faith are growing worse. As we try appeasement through the suppression of free speech and critical comment of the Islamic faith, we only make the job of these murderous thugs even easier.

 I suggest that everybody get themselves a copy of the Qur’an and read for themselves. I have little use for any organized religion. At least the teachings of the new testament call for peace and forgiveness. Hindu’s are well known for peaceful efforts and introverted Buddhists go out of their way to avoid harm to others. The Qur’an preaches little more than violence, intolerance and the suppression of women.

 It is little wonder that Islam stands out so predominantly in contemporary religious based actions.

 We must be able to speak about this.