Go face your music coward.

The NDP and Liberals celebrated what they may consider to be a moral victory by passing a motion for Canada to give asylum to American military deserters the other day. Thankfully, that motion is non-binding fluff and will by all appearances be ignored by the government.

Canada is in need of quality immigrants. We have people waiting and applying all over the world to try and set roots in Canada in order to work hard and better themselves. We need not displace any of these people by taking American deserters under our wing.

Corey Glass is the latest poster boy for the left to raise up on this issue. They are trying to paint this man as a “conscientious objector”. Cory Glass is not a conscientious objector. Glass is not in Canada because he has moral or religious grounds keeping him from taking part in the military. If that were the case, the fellow never would have joined the military in the first place.

Some people are trying to compare the current situation with the situation during the Vietnam war. There is a world of difference between the Iraq war and the Vietnam war; that difference is conscription. Every American soldier currently serving in Iraq right now joined the military voluntarily!

 Corey Glass joined the military in 2002. This was after 911 and when the military was becoming rather active overseas. Was it really so far beyond this coward’s imagination that he may be sent to a war zone? Many of these deserters foolishly joined the military seeking cheap education upgrading. These people seem to have overlooked the reason why the government is willing to subsidize their training and even pay them to get it. Military service comes with obligations to your country as well as benefits.

 With all participation in the Iraq war being done by members who joined the military voluntarily, it is rather easy to see how one could avoid going over there. If you want to avoid war zones, don’t join the damned army.

 I have never felt compelled to being under the control of the government and sent to whatever dangerous region that they my choose to, thus I have not joined the armed forces at any point of my life. That could change with some catastrophic and unforseen incident in the future, but for now I have managed to stay clear of army life.

 Corey Glass and others like him are not heros. They are not resisters. They are cowards and deserters and we do not need them sullying our nation. Send them back to face the consequences of their actions. They will not be shot upon arrival in the USA. They will be discharged or serve time in prison for their cowardice. This is not cruel and unusual, this is the price that these cowards must pay for breaching the contract that they signed with their own nation.