Sweden has defeated COVID-19

Go on. Look for yourselves. Just google deaths in Sweden. Its all right there in a nifty chart. The numbers were tiny by July and they are next to nothing now. One every few days out of a population of 10 million people.


How stark does the damned evidence have to be?

Its not that Sweden did nothing. Many people voluntarily quarantined and socially distanced themselves and large gatherings were banned.

That said, schools and restaurants remained open without restriction. Masks are not in general use today and look! The plague never took off!

Yes, they had a big initial spike. It turns out that like many other nations, Sweden initially and foolishly put infected people among their seniors. A terrible error.

We need to look at today though. Sweden has proven and is proving that the lockdowns and mask laws are nothing less than utter bullshit.

No more excuses.

If masks and lockdowns were what was needed, Sweden would be the worst nation on the planet with deaths in the thousands per day. They are barely having a couple deaths per week. They are doing better than we are where we are throttling our economy and making people wear masks wherever they go like a bunch of idiots.

I am forever in Sweden’s debt because in acting as a control group, they prove all of those who are claiming that our current dropping numbers are due to mask use and lockdowns are full of shit.

Now how badly are we going to castrate our economy and panic over what has turned out to be a really bad flu that had to run its course?

I fear it will take awhile yet.

3 thoughts on “Sweden has defeated COVID-19

  1. You always make so much sense, I email city council, Kenny, Hinshaw and the school board and never get anywhere with them ……?

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