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The rally in support of the Maurice family will be held at the Okotoks courthouse on Friday, March 9 at 9am. A map to the location is below and some more details can be found at the facebook event page linked here.

Along with the account and email address below, a “fundrayzr” page has been set up for the Maurice family as well. Click here. 



Edouard (Eddie) Maurice of the Okotoks area is facing three charges of aggravated assault along with firearm charges due to an event that happened on his property early in the morning of Saturday February 24.

As has become an unfortunate trend in Canada, the victim is treated as the criminal should they choose to defend their family and property from intruders.

Defending one’s property and family should not lead to imprisonment and possible bankruptcy.

While Maurice’s case works through the court system, a great deal of financial and emotional pressure will be placed on Maurice and his family. Legal fees and living expenses will become acute as time is consumed with his defense.

That is why friends and supporters are raising funds to ease these burdens on the Maurice family in the months to come in a trust fund.

A trust account at TD Bank has been set up by Travis Dunn (family friend) which will gather and hold funds on behalf of Maurice.

Donations can be made to any branch of TD to account number 8079-6142303 and e transfers can be sent to

A rally is being organized to show support for Eddie Maurice on the morning of Friday March 9 at the Okotoks court house where Maurice will be appearing that day. I will add details for the rally as I get them.

Financial support is welcome and critical.

Showing support through the rally and online helps too. We need to let the Maurice family know that fellow Albertans will stand by them even if the “justice” system may not.

Rural Albertans are tired of being victimized by criminals and being victimized by the system when they try to defend themselves. Rural crime rates are exploding and people can’t be expected to wait up to 40 minutes for aid to arrive. Self-defense of family and property is essential.

Please consider sending some funds to help the Maurice family and try to find time to come to the rally. This is so important to the Maurice family and all of us.

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  1. I fully and totally support this man! He did what every property and home owner should have the right to do – DEFEND HIS HOME, PROPERTY and FAMILY!!!
    I would have done the very same thing. He is a HERO!

    The robbers were breaking the law NOT him! They are lucky it wasn’t me, I would have shot to MAIM!

    • You would have intentionally shot to lose a civil suit?
      This is why we have so much trouble upholding our right to have arms for our defence.

  2. I support this fight 100%. I will be spreading the word of this to all that will listen. It’s time that we stand together as rural dwellers!
    A Small donation will be made shortly and I will re post to my timeline.
    Cheering you on from Beaver County, AB!!

    • It’s interesting to read all these comments and see what Canadians think about using a gun to defend property versus using a gun to defend a person. Personally, I have no problem with shooting to kill and digging a hole on the acreage to dispose of the criminal–seems to be necessary given the “law”. I don’t really care about the lefty liberal ideas of stuff versus the sanctity of the criminal’s life. Roving thieves and plundering bandits are best sent packing at the end of a bullet. I don’t say this stuff out loud, but anyone facing a charge with me on the jury has nothing to worry about.

  3. I think it’s very unfair and we need to rote t our family from these criminals. The police wouldn’t have a problem shooting. This is is hapoening so mych in rural areas now and thing’s have to change. Why shoukd the criminals get a slap in the hand and the innocent protecting family are charged??? But i guess it seems that the criminal is more protected than the innocent. So unfair. Go to the middle east and see how that woukd have went for the actual criminal.

  4. I think it’s very unfair and we need to protetect our family from these criminals. The police wouldn’t have a problem shooting. This is is hapoening so mych in rural areas now and thing’s have to change. Why shoukd the criminals get a slap in the hand and the innocent protecting family are charged??? But i guess it seems that the criminal is more protected than the innocent. So unfair. Go to the middle east and see how that woukd have went for the actual criminal.

  5. Hi. There
    I live in a rural area and with fear after all the breaks in I’m hearing on a regular basis.
    Yes this has to stop police has to do more protecting victims not criminals. To protect our families just like Eduardo Maurice did we have to do things that nobody wants to do but the circumstances force us to. Takes police at least 30 min to get to a rural call, not cool we the victims can be dead by then because of those junkies that need to be in jail but looks like they are protect it.
    Law has to change !!

  6. We the people,, need to stand strong against laws that keep us living in fear and as victims,, our Laws need to change in order to punish the criminal,, this man should be rewarded as a hero for defending his home, family or properties against law-breakers,,, Defense and defending themselves and thier own,, is and should stay every ones right !! it is not the police, it is the laws ! they are oathed to keep,, clean up the laws, then our officers can enforce them lets change the laws that protect the guilty !! and set our innocent folks free and safer !

  7. Showing up well after the crime has been committed and taking a report is not good enough! If the Police can’t protect us then we must be allowed to protect ourselves!

  8. Things have to change for rural people !! Criminals have all the rights !! Its a sad situation ! Trudeau says he is going to take away all guns , if that happens we – the rural folks of canada are screwed !!

  9. The rural properties have no chance of police protection when they cannot even keep thugs from breaking into local businesses on the main street of small town Okotoks a mere 2 – 3 blocks from the police station.. Two break-ins that I am aware of last night with entrance through the main street facing front doors.

  10. I’m your neighbor next door in Saskatchewan. On behalf of all private citizens and rural owners, this is just another example of private citizens protecting our land and our families. It is a shame when the criminals are still believed to be the victims.

  11. By charging the property owner, the door is being opened for all drug addicts to come on out and help themselves. Someone needs to pay for their drugs so why not the rural land owner

  12. Periodic anarchy is not a solution nor is knee-jerk funding of the action. Revitalizing Okotoks Rural Crime Watch and committing to work cooperatively with local law-enforcement will provide long-term benefits for the whole community making it a safer place for all. Emotionally-charged gun use is scary particularly in highly populated rural areas.

      • knee-jerk refers to reflexive reaction to personal perception. It is part of NIMBY research. It is the reaction we automatically have when presented with an image from any source. It is a function of profiling.

    • I am a member of my local crime watch.

      One way to make me give up on meeting with it however would be if members were told that the defense of their property was an act of anarchy and that the helping of neighbors who are victims of crime is a “knee-jerk funding” action.

      Your attitude is what encourages people to pick up a firearm rather than the phone when intruders come unfortunately.

      • The laws of the land apply to everyone and there is due process. I agree the laws towards protection of rural private property need to be strengthened. Change can be made by creating awareness and lobbying the appropriate law makers, but the process is a slow and arduous one. In the meantime working together as a connected community, watching out for one another could act as a deterrent. Vigilante justice may offer a moment of satisfaction but it will never solve the problem.

        • But while the process goes on and on and on and more paper and talks, a mans life a family a business is ruined and it goes on and on. This isn’t a political situation, something concrete can be done.

          • There always seems to be a few who will buck the whole community but in this case there are many more voices for the young man and family. We’ve seen in the past years what fighting for justice is doing… it’s stalled and people are going to be hurt because the economy has bottomed and the drugs have NOT Please don’t let this stop anyone from backing and supporting this young man

        • This man got his gun to protect his family & property because, guess what…Nobody came to help. The absence of spineless politicians speaks volumes about how little they care to attempt to fix this. Maybe next time the home owner hides & waits for police. But this time, they find only crime scene victims.

    • What was your crime watching group doing the night this happened. You can have all the crime watch and big talking you want but no group or police force can patrol the whole rural area. Criminals know they can be far away in half the time it takes anyone to respond these calls. How many times has your crime watch physically stopped and led to an arrest when something like this happens?

    • Agree. A connected community, working together, informing each other, and police what’s going on, is where the best outcomes lie. It appears allegedly that this man, and the drug addict stealing his material possessions broke laws. If there hadn’t have been enough evidence to convict, RCMP would not have laid charges. Anybody who donates, is donating to an awareness campaign on what ‘rural property owners’ can’t do.

      I’m sorry that Mr. Morgan and his family are going through this, however it looks like a public example will be made of him for setting a bad example, and that after the recent death of Colten Bushie, in Sasaktchewan, Mr. Morgan will be made an example of what rural property owners should NOT do.

      This type of protecting ‘your land and property’, with a gun no doubt, is nonsensical. Isn’t all of our property on native land that the Government of Canada leases from them? At the end of our days, no one ever owns anything — no one is getting off of this planet alive, now are they? So does losing some stuff over ones life or another’s really matter? I mean, really. It’s just ‘stuff’. I would much rather let the criminals take it than to lose my life and not be able to watch my children and grandchildren grow up. Surely Mr. Morgan has home insurance?

      As I see it, the problem we are facing is that the wealthy haven’t been sharing their wealth and now the poor are coming to take it back. Times are getting harder as people get sicker. Some drug addicts have never worked a day on a farm or know the struggle. The city life is now expanding into our rule communities.

      IMO, Mr. Morgan’s actions, and people rallying to support him appears to be no different than a gang member calling in their crew to do the same thing like when it comes down to turf wars. Same war, different turf. It doesn’t make it right for criminals and drug lords to do, so what makes it right for rural property owners either?

      Build fences around your property, lock it, or lose it, get to know your neighbour and police, join rural crime watch, and here’s a hint, buy stuff that nobody will steal. Win/win/win. If none of us bought expensive new shiny toys that we really didn’t need, we wouldn’t have this problem. Our children are watching, so let’s set the best example we can keeping the rural in Alberta! 🙂 #AlbertaStrong

      • Hard to take your anti-property right diatribe seriously when you haven’t even taken the time to read the post and realize what the name of the victim was.

      • Mr. Sam, your an idiot moron. People get jobs, work hard and but shiny things “stuff” with their hard earned money. I buy homes and property and it belongs to me. I will protect my property and possessions from those whom it does not belong to. If someone is poor or less fortunate, it is not my responsibility to let them come steal or rob me of my possessions. It doesn’t just stop with stuff. If you let enough less fortunate people come just take it at will, they could just as likely choose to rape, mutilate and tear your family apart right in front of you. You will just have to sit and watch. How in the hell do know they won’t do just that.
        Are your children and loved ones just “Stuff” too? It’s going to get a lot worse unless we are able to protect our lives, property, and loved ones with whatever force is necessary including and not limited to lethal force!!

      • This was the stupidest post I have ever read, we have to protect our selves and our stuff. My son has been hit more than once and now his insurance has gone crazy. I will shoot first and question later

    • Screw you, Jacqueline. Have you ever been robbed or had your house broken into? You feel defiled, terrorised and weak. My parents refused to give up their guns on the farm when the govt demanded it many years ago. And farmers are not “emotionally charged” (I note that ly adverbs are never hyphenated with the verb); they are the few sane ones left among us. All Canadians who are trained in firearm usage should be allowed to carry, even in urban areas. Canada has turned into a wuss nation where the victims are charged and the criminals run free.

    • Anarchy is what we have in rural Alberta right now, when landowners are not allowed to protect their families and property. Living in fear from criminals on one hand and from being charged by police on the other if they take action against the criminals.

      We need a property rights bill which allows the use of force to protect our property and families when criminals and vandals want to destroy what we have worked so hard to build.

  13. I honestly am at a loss, at the illogical ruling, especially in the rural areas, where there seems to be an increase in trespassing on peoples property, the property owner should have the right to protect his own property, his/her family and anyone on the property. They should have the peace of mind knowing that they can safeguard themselves if there are tresspasses threatening them or their surroundings, they need to be in a position to defend themselves. I understand the law stipulates that you cannot use force or cause injury, perhaps it’s time to change this law and instead of mollycoddling the perpetrators, the law should understand the property owners star of mind when threatened in this way.
    Look what’s happening in other countries, farmers and rural property owners are being slaughtered, don’t let this happen here

  14. Always amazing how the press positions the thieves as the victims. About time the police used some common sense judgement in such situations and issued a warning.

  15. First and foremost, the perpetrator had no business being there and was putting the man and his family in danger. The property owner should have every right to do what is necessary to protect his own. These criminals need to be taught in no uncertain terms how this will go. As it is now, they know they will get away with it.Being a criminal should not be such an attractive option for people, but their crimes and actions are being dismissed and going unpunished. It seems they have more rights than any law abiding citizen. We need to make being a criminal look less desirable and advantageous. Go get a job like the rest of us

  16. We lso have apetition going for his support, hopefully it will be given to his lawyer to use as he see fit
    Site for petition is” in defence of Edouard Maurice” if you want to passit on

  17. I attended meeting of between two and three hundred rural property owners last November in NW Saskatchewan.
    A senior RCMP officer was one of the speakers. He said in an urban environment they usually have a member (officer) within a half mile of any given address. Their response time is minutes and is often still late to stop the crime.
    . The logistics of staffing,supplying support systems and expense for 3 , 8 hr shifts of having a member within a half mile of any given rural address ,coupled with current RCMP recruiting shortages makes if an absolute physical impossibleability.
    Think about that for a minute.
    The cry for ever more police in order to stem increasing rural crime is totally naive and unrealistic. Won’t happen.
    The budget alone required would dwarf all other goverment expenditures
    Most farm yards are over a half mile apart. That means three members,(3 – 8 hr shifts) , cars and support staff in virtually every farm yard to attain the same response time as an urban environment!
    Do we really think that’s going to happen? Times have changed. So must we. Some form of “Castle Law” is the only viable option when it comes to protecting rural people. To think that police will ever have the capability is totally naive and unrealistic in the extreme!

  18. Hello,
    I fully support his decision to PROTECT his home, family AND himself!!!
    ALBERTA needs to stand behind this man and his family….
    FACT is you people who believe you don’t have to worry and RCMP will save the day are so wrong….ITS ONLY a numbers game when you will be attacked/robbed or worse… When this happens and you defend yourself or how about YOUR little daughter/s or son/s hows that going to be when YOU get charged and taken away to jail leaving them unprotected?!?! All because you don’t stand up NOW for what is right!!!

  19. I completely support this man. It is time the thieves learned they are in the wrong and no one wants to see them supported by the legal system. Being on drugs or alcohol is no defence, you are responsible for the choices you make, and any results of those choices.

  20. It scares me and makes me feel venerable to theives and others who choose to harm my family. My husband and I would do what it takes as well. I hope justice prevails and charges get dropped.
    So wrong.

  21. I wholly agree with this man’s protection of his property and family.
    That being said, it is the law to lay those charges, but it doesn’t mean this man doesn’t have defensible rights. He most certainly does and assumably will be represented as such.
    As any person defending yourself, family etc. rural, urban, or anywhere, you still will be charged, but you have the right to defence equal and /or proportionate to the threat and your perception there of. So keep voicing your support and help this guy, but realize it’s just how it works. If it didn’t work this way, anybody could do anything and call it such. It protects us all.
    Go Eddie!

    • The Criminal Code states “That a owner can protect his family and property from theft and danger to the family” Not Word for Word, the catch is only nominal force is allowed to the perceived threat. I agree to disagree with you that Yes there has to be a mechanism that keeps people taking advantage of the law. Personally I feel the RCMP, should have the ability to submit the shooting report with their recommendations and let a Judge review and rule in a expedient manner. Putting the Victim through Hell and financial ruin is not the answer, he didn’t ask for this, and he really becomes the Victim. Just my thoughts.

  22. I grew up in rural areas, and would defend what is on the private land of my family, and my neighbors!!! He should NOT be the one being charged with anything!!! What if the intruder had attacked his family next???!!!!!

  23. If this exact same thing were to happen to me. I would not and will not even bother to call the cops… !!
    I’ll just finish it myself..!! We have to stand up and fight for our own rights…!!!!

    • Aman!!!
      Maybe when more and more of these criminals don’t show up back to their little hideouts their fellow criminal friends might take a hint and get a job… CONTRIBUTE to society…
      Just remember the criminals we do send to jail, we are STILL victims of because of the tax burden for jailing costs etc they are to us!

  24. These criminal are taking a chance and playing with fire. We should all be able to protect our homes and families and if it takes a gun oh well , these assholes are protected and carry guns ,knives,etc. So why can we not do the same. It’s kill or get killed most of the time .our law needs to change .they are the intruders and need to suffer the consequences of there actions . Play with fire u get burned … if these idiots now they are protected it will only get worse .

  25. We are living in dangerous times people. So many of our liberties are being stripped away one step at a time. I fully support Mr. Maurice and feel he had the right to protect his property. The right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our property must never be taken from us.

  26. It is very important to get behind Ed on this a support him on this. There is no way our judicial system should make a criminal out of victim. Ed and family you have mine support to make this right.

  27. It is very important to get behind Ed and support him on this. There is no way our judicial system should make a criminal out of victim. Ed and family you have my support to make this right.

  28. Start a go fund me account i gave to Gerald Stanley through my visa I don’t have a TD Bank close to me I would like to donate to Ed and his family he shouldn’t have any legal fees to pay for protecting his family

  29. Soooo support this man and his family!!! NOBODY has the right to come to your home and property to take what is NOT theirs!! Considering this epidemic that is happening in the rural areas I think our laws need to be looked at and fast!!!

  30. What is the difference between me defending myself from the person standing in my garage or living room with the intent to steal or harm than defending myself from the person thats standing in a bigger driveway or “backyard” with the same intent??? It disgusts me to see someone being treated as the criminal when all he is doing is defending one’s own PRIVATE PROPERTY.

  31. I Believe that the court of law should firstly up hold the rights in defense of the intended victim. In this case Edouard (Eddie) Maurice. Mr Edouard (Eddie) Maurice only wanted to protect his property and quite possibly protect himself and family from the Criminals who initiated the crime in the first place and in the event that the criminals decided on other intentions leading to bodily harm. It seems the guilty party in many cases may be the people within the legal and court system who continually allow the criminals back on the streets knowing full well that the odds to re offend are quite real.

        • Awesome! yes I will be funding Eddie’s defense, I was at the rally and this is a ‘just cause’: many are not, but this is worthy of a Test Case for the Queen’s “Justice System” (order system, really) and I’m all for it.
          In the big picture it comes down to Police just not able to do the job effectively, no matter the funding level (which is already very high); so the populace must force the issue to get some effective “rules” put into place… sounds simple but nothing ever happens by itself! But If Albertans can’t do it, nobody can!! The Queen’s police want order, so we must be disorderly; until they figure out how to quell our conduct and bring peace back to her land.

  32. Please do not charge Eddie Maurice, he is the victim not the criminal. Charging him will make the criminals even braver!! The laws are so wrong when you can’t protect your home family and property.

  33. I’d love to contribute financially, but trespassing theives taking my ‘insured’ belongings have made that impossible. I stand beside you 100% in the right to defend and protect yourself, your family, your safety, your sanctuary.

  34. all the meetings about rural crime will get lost somewhere. why doesn’t the famers rancher launch a human right violation against the RCMP and provincial gov’t. protection of property started with the cave man and it is universal therefore it is the first human right and probably the most important. putting a specific crime on the table confuses folks. keep it simple. this is a serious violation of the original human right and though there are conditions to the right it should never go like it has i.e. you can protect your property unless the thief is under the umbrella of a special interest group.

    even a human rights lawyer would have to agree. but don’t hire one. a tough criminal lawyer type could get it done. this won’t solve all the problems but it could be a good start

  35. I completely agree with this man’s response.

    The police may regard this as an inappropriate response to theft, but who’s to say where this would have ended. Should we wait until someone shoots at us to defend ourselves? The police certainly don’t.

    We need to have the law changed so that we can protect ourselves and our families without having to worry about being convicted of assault.

    There would be a lot less

  36. Keep your paintballs cold and your CO2 tank warm!
    Declare the county, or even the province, a:


    and enjoy the loophole that allows you to fire at will and make crackhjeads dance the paintball cha-cha with the TOY you keep at the ready :/ cuz isnt this just a Game we play?

  37. We are from the Madden, Alberta area and are in full support of this man. Our laws nowadays are for the criminal not the poor victim and that has to change. Whether it be take it into our own hands or what. I am going to town this afternoon and will be giving a donation through the TD. We have to help this family however we can.

  38. I fully support the actions taken by Mr. Maurice we should all have the”Right” to protect our families and property.
    The funding process at the TD is really quite easy!

  39. Eddie Maurice and his family already have a Jail Sentence. Why compound it. Just because the incident on February 24th is over, does not mean it is over in his or his families’ mind. Speaking from Experience. Not only financial and a judicial system that is unbelievably crap, the cause and effects linger on for life. It’s been 2-1/2 years and still being hit in the pocket book. The break-in cost me $30,000. This year, CRA is requesting $14,000. in taxes for expenses incurred to get back on track in 2016 Hmmmmm……


  41. Donating to a defense fund is now our only option. I’ve been a victim of an armed break-in and the RCMP didn’t investigate and they wouldn’t even take me seriously when I made the report. We’re really are all on our own here. I see no other option than ordinary people coming together in support of each other.

    The criminals know that the police can’t/won’t respond in a timely manner and they also know that Trudeau has got their back. That’s why this kinda thing is going to continue to happen.

    Ideally we need to vote out of office the pro-criminal politicians and change our laws but I just don’t see that ever happening. Since the last federal election it has become quite evident that you just can’t out-vote ‘stupid’…

    • Hi ManBearPig,
      RCMP advised that if they even charge someone with Tresspassing it would be YES, “THROWN OUT OF COURT” if the trespasser was in distress. OMG. So, as it goes, I have someone at least once a month at my door. Immediately contact RCMP, they “look after the rest” and have the option to charge or not to charge. One of the most recent significant incidents was on Christmas morning at 5:00 AM a guy came to my door “hands in pocket of bomber jacket, out of gas, no phone and -30 Deg. C.”. This became my problem why? I am not AMA, have a “NO TRESPASSING” Sign, do not sell gas, gates, alarms and the whole 9 yards. I was startled and adds another tick the escalating pile of crap I am faced with on a regular basis. I asked the RCMP to charge the guy and they said with what? I responded with “Lacking Due Diligence in Operating a Motor Vehicle” – that wasn’t good enough. I have a list a mile long of people who have acted similarly. They piss me off – it is only a matter of time and something drastic will happen. Just saying. Again, all for the criminals. System is Broken and needs to be fixed. They need to get their head around the charges laid against the “Maurice” family. Not sure what system Okotoks operates on. Whoever laid the charges are sick. WASTING TAX PAYERS $ ON THIS ONE FOR SURE. EDDIE MAURICE – YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!!!!

      • I have no expectation of the “broken system” ever being fixed. We knowingly elected a degenerate criminal as our national leader and we gave him a majority government.

        The Lefties seem to forget that when Trudeau experienced a break-in into his home several years ago he demanded an armed RCMP dedicated security detail specifically for the protection and security of his own home and family. The hypocrisy of our current government is mind boggling and surreal.

        But like I’ve already said, as private citizens we need to look after ourselves and each other. We know that we cannot trust the police nor our corrupt and dysfunctional governments. I’m just now hoping that Ed Maurice can beat the current charges against him…

  42. We SUPPORT your efforts 100%
    Both my wife are law abiding senior citizens, rural residents and we both had a
    very unnerving experience with beligerant law enforcement and criminal trespassers that physicalily assaulted both of us and that were unknown to us
    It took a letter by us directly to then RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson to get the conduct of the RCMP officers investigated


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