Singing is currently illegal in Alberta

With so many ridiculous regulations in panicked response to the coronavirus it is tough to find the dumbest but the provincial ban on singing has to be one of the dumbest.

Its bad enough that we remain in an economy crushing lockdown despite government modelling having proven to be utter bunk which overstated the risks of the pandemic, the pointy headed bureaucrats seem bound and determined to churn out ridiculous and pedantic regulations designed to suck any possible fun out of life.

Can we get policy based on real risk for a change?

How about this:

Government bureaucrats should not be able to ban any activity unless they can clearly show real world examples on how that activity actually spread transmission of the virus. Is that really too much to ask>

Have we ever heard of virus transmissions due to people singing together? Is it really happening? Is it really a risk?

I am not talking about concerts or large religious gatherings.

The Alberta government ban on singing applies to groups of less than 15 people who are still staying 2 meters apart. That means a husband and wife who sing together in their own yard are technically breaking the law.

Too absurd to be true?

Read it yourself.

It will not make it any easier to get the public to comply with reasonable regulations if the government keeps creating ridiculous regulations.

Every day it becomes more and more evident that while the pandemic is indeed dire, the state reactions to it have been grossly overblown.

Banning singing among small groups of friends is a rather start demonstration of how absurd government can be and how eager they are to overreach in order to control our every action.

Hey Karen!

Jane and I plan on singing tonight.

I dare you to call the snitch line!

2 thoughts on “Singing is currently illegal in Alberta

  1. Singing worship music has been proven to create a more positive EM field around us which counters the negative in 5g radiation.
    Let’s go with the science Mr. Kenney.

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