RCMP refuse to enforce the law in BC

In a popular tourist area North of Kamloops BC near the community of Blue River, a small band of extremists has set up an illegal roadblock on a public road for over a year and the RCMP refuses to act on it. The cowardly approach of the authorities has emboldened these extremists and they are becoming increasingly aggressive and potentially violent. Local community members are frustrated and concerned as they can’t access a public zone which they have used for recreation for decades.

Incidents are starting to stack up and it is only a matter of time before a tragic outcome occurs. Who will be held responsible if a local citizen or even one of these protesters gets injured or killed in a confrontation?

The anger and aggression of these ideologues is clear in multiple videos where they have turned people back from legitimate use of this public road as can be seen in the video below.

Nicholas Oakman took the video above when he tried to use the road to access Murtle Lake last Canada Day. Oakman is from the area originally and had accessed the road for years. He had no reason to feel that he couldn’t or shouldn’t now. The crazed protesters pushed Oakman back and he gave up on his trip. Thankfully Oakman maintained self-control and violence did not break out. This may not always be the case in the future.

It is not only public recreational users who are being turned away on this roadblock. Local maintenance crews simply trying to do their job were pushed back in a racism laden confrontation with the squatters. It should be noted that there were female and people of aboriginal decent in the work truck. The tirade from the extremists was rather baseless.

Kanahus Manuel charges truck in Racist Attack.

In the video Shot by Kanahus Manuel, they can be seen screaming obscenities to the passenger of the truck like “Fuck off Whitey” and “Fuck off you honkey mother fucker”. Racism is NEVER ok!! This driver was just trying to use the road that we ALL own, and was viciously attacked. Why hasn’t she been arrested for this harassment?? Well, likely because she’s a known informant with immunity. Share if you think this is SICK!!Posted by Camp Cloud and Tiny House Warriors Exposed on Thursday, 9 May 2019

These incidents have prompted the Thompson-Nicola Regional District to ask for a meeting with BC Public Safety Minister.

As reported in Kamloops This Week months ago:

” “This group is escalating. People were actually chasing children. When an eight-year-old asks his father, ‘Dad, what’s rape?’, our community has had enough,” TNRD Thompson Headwaters Blue River director Stephen Quinn told the board on Thursday. “

As far as can be found, the BC government has not done anything to address this issue.

But what of the RCMP?

Well their approach can be seen in the video below.

A new video posted to Twitter today. Every day the police go there, and they tell the police to leave…. and the police listens. It’s frustrating to see, however, if you remember last year, there was daily attendance to camp cloud for about a month before their removal as well. So fingers crossed history is repeating itself. ?Posted by Camp Cloud and Tiny House Warriors Exposed on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

The RCMP pull up, they are aggressively approached by the illegal protest and told to leave, like compliant kittens the officers get back into their vehicle and leave the encampment alone.

It is truly sad and embarrassing to see what was once such a respected police force reduced to slinking away from situations such as this. If they can’t clear a road being illegally blocked by a handful of extremists, what indeed are they for?

A Kelowna publication called “Infotel” contacted the RCMP on this issue recently and the quotes were telling.

” Clearwater RCMP Sgt. Grant Simpson says police have been aware of the blockade on the road to Murtle Lake for approximately a year but wouldn’t comment on the legalities of it.

“We have been aware of the roadblock since day one,” Simpson says. “At this point, I have to be careful on how I comment on (this).”

Over a year???? What the hell does it take to get the law enforced?

Why not comment on the legalities of it? Does it take a lawyer to know whether it is legal or not to block a public road for over a year? Rest assured that most citizens would be arrested within minutes of trying such a stunt.

The response reeks of cowardice I am afraid. The bottom line is that these are aboriginal protesters and few things make the collective buttholes of the authorities pucker up faster than the thought of a confrontation with aboriginal protesters even if it is a ragtag bunch of extremists such as this.

So just who are these extremists?

Well, they call themselves “Tiny House Warriors” and they have ostensibly been formed to fight pipeline development in BC though they seem to have a myriad of issues that they want to burn down the nation over.

While this little collection of people has some folks who are indeed of native origin, this protest is not a part of or sanctioned by any real native organization. These protesters aren’t even right from this spot but are from Chase where their “leader” owns a gas station among other things. Rational groups have disassociated themselves from the Tiny House gang.

The head of this group is an odious person named Amanda Soper.

Soper has a number of aliases and a rap sheet that goes back over a decade with numerous crimes

Its little wonder that Soper prefers to go by her alias of Kanahus Manuel these days.

Soper is attracted to dangerous criminals. She sought out and married Orlando Watley who is serving time in a maximum security prison for committing a triple homicide!

The chances of a multiple murderer like Watley being released are extremely slim thankfully. What he does do though is provide Soper with another cause to fundraise as she collects money from donors which supposedly will go towards her efforts to free him. Soper constantly begs and gains donations from naive or simply extreme supporters for her causes. I imagine that it doesn’t cost much to reside in a squatter encampment on a roadside but Soper apparently needs a pretty steady flow of income to do so and she isn’t shy about asking for it.

Assuming that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion construction ever begins, protesters are going to need to be removed. If we won’t even remove Amanda Soper and her little gang of extremists from their illegal roadblock, how are we to expect the authorities to clear out the inevitable protests and blockades which will be coming from the more organized and numerous of protest groups?

The “Tiny House Warriors” are a small group but they are dangerous and they set a terrible precedent. The lawsuits will be myriad if and when a conflict becomes violent there as citizens will have a strong case in pointing out how the RCMP have refused to enforce the law after an entire year of illegal occupation by these people.

Let’s hope they wise up and act sooner rather than later.

5 thoughts on “RCMP refuse to enforce the law in BC

  1. We had a run in with them last year in blue river as well as in Clearwater, they are violent and only do this to make money from their supporters all over the world. If people only knew the truth Her family owns at least one gas station in bc and nature lovers that they are, deface trees and other natural things I have seen myself

  2. Maybe the town of blue river should get an injunction against the protestors. A public road in bc is not to be blocked by a protest. It’s the law.

  3. Just wanted to say I appreciate what you’re doing, keep up the good work! Too many people take Tiny House Warriors and other activists at face value and don’t look closer at their language and tactics. Well done sir.

  4. We’ve ALL had enough of this idiot and her little band of wannabes. Go get a job like the rest of Canada’s citizens have to! I’m so sick of MY hard earned money getting taken away in taxes to support the Indians ! Enough is enough! Maybe if our “leader” wasn’t so busy taking selfies things wouldn’t have gotten to the point where some INDIAN chick can pull this BS!

  5. Great background. I’ve been following this nasty woman since she appeared in North Dakota at Standing Rock. As you say, she’s constantly begging for money. She has over 4K followers on Facebook, but rarely gets over 20 likes on the voluminous posts she makes. I’m not sure why BC and the RCMP doesn’t do something about her, but my guess is they will when she starts disrupting workers access to projects, etc. RCMP may correctly believe that she’s better stuck where she is and that moving or arresting her would only give her more access to media and the nuts who fund her.

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