Quick posting on Naheed Nenshi and ImagineCalgary

I have ranted many times at length on that ridiculous, tax-funded document that we not so fondly call “ImagineCalgary”. Naheed Nenshi was one of the contributors in the creation of that mad plan and today I see that Nenshi still sees it as a plan for Calgary’s future as he tweeted as much.


Since I began writing a small series dissecting that oddball plan, many people have said to me “Wow, I never actually read that thing before. It’s nuts!”

As ImagineCalgary so clearly reflects Naheed Nenshi’s ideology, I thought that I had better organize my postings on it a little better so I have created a page with the handy dropdown menu at the top of this page.

One can simply click here to see the listing of postings on the new main page too.

I really suggest people give ImagineCalgary a good read and then think long and hard about supporting Nenshi and some of his allies on city council in Calgary.

4 thoughts on “Quick posting on Naheed Nenshi and ImagineCalgary

  1. I had read ‘Imagine Calgary’ and I thought that fearfully, I was the only one.
    I cannot afford these people in City Council nor do I share their vision.
    I want my old ‘cowtown’ back, our unassuming but extremely intellectual town. A town that challenges minds, encourages volunteerism and embraces creativity all the while NOT, spending to do so. These fools can’t do a thing without a chequebook.

    I want Nenshi gone. He is not exceptional because of how he handled the flood. He is simply a man who saw an opportunity to act like a true Calgarian,and because that is not ‘rocket science’, he milked it.
    Where some found exceptionalism, I saw a huge, look at me, look at me ego.

    I want a Manager for this City.

  2. Right on BEC!! If the population of Calgary really looked at this POS study, maybe they would(finally) see how they are being jerked over by the people they indiffrerently elected! Apart from a few, Calgary City Council is populated by socialistic, ‘pie-in the-sky’ fools who have no real interest in ‘Joe-on the-street’ concerns…only what will make them appear as ‘Saviours of the underclass’. And, of course, they certainly don’t consider themselves in that category!!!!!

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