NDP and union activists protesting outside surgical facilities

This is the NDP in a nutshell.

They would rather people go blind or die on waiting lists before having access to a private medical procedure. And that is just what is happening as Canada’s socialized monopoly health care system is becoming overwhelmed and crumbling in every province.

Below is a picture of some union activists being led by an NDP MPP in Ontario protesting outside the Herzig Eye Institute in Ontario. They feel that surgical centres like this should be banned and are trying to intimidate and hinder people from going to them or working in them.

Yes, these ideologues really are that cruel and unthinking.

Had this protest been outside a private abortion clinic, police would surely have been dispatched.

In fact, many jurisdictions brought in laws making it illegal to protest outside of medical facilities since anti-vaccination advocates had been doing so during the pandemic.

The Herzig Eye Institute has been doing procedures for over 25 years without issue. The NDP suddenly feels it should be protested and banned.

Communism is indeed about the equal distribution of misery.

This garbage has to end. Most general practitioners are in private for-profit clinics. Dentists, optometrists, sports specialists…. The list goes on.

Canada’s health care system is failing and the NDP with their unions know it.

Polling has indicated that the majority of Canadians want to see an increase in private provision of care as they do in Europe to help reduce the waiting lists.

The NDP and unions don’t care what works. They only care about ideology.

The MPP who proudly organized this idiotic demonstration is named Joel Harden. Below is a picture of him wearing his glasses in the legislature. Do we really think he got his eye examination in some non-profit facility and the glasses were hand-crafted in some mom-and-pop fair-wage facility down the street?


The hypocritical ideologues of the NDP are showing their true colors.

It doesn’t get much lower than trying to shut down medical centres, but they seem to have no bottom.

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