Mainstream media lies are inflaming racial tensions

We are used to sensationalism and bias from media. This is nothing new and they push the boundaries in order to draw the clicks.

This gross example from NPR is beyond the pale though. They have gone into the realm of utter bullshit as they implied that right-wing extremists are using vehicles in order to assault protesters. While this did indeed happen once in Charlottesville, this was not at all what happened in this incident.

Below is the repugnant and inflammatory tweet from NPR

NPR is spreading fear and hate by creating a false story of vehicles being used as weapons against peaceful protesters.

It is actually surprising just how stupid their editors are to let this one go in light of the fact that the full video of the incident that they pictured is available online and it proves their story to be utter crap.

Watch the scene unfold for yourself below. A woman in a vehicle was surrounded by rioters. As they tried smashing her windows in order to assault her, she tried to escape in reverse. She then fled and yes, hit one of the criminals on her way out. It clearly wasn’t purposeful. She was fleeing in self-defense and I don’t see how anybody else would have acted differently.

Those of us old enough to remember the fate of Reginald Denny know full well what can happen when a motorist stops amidst rioters. He was pulled from his truck and beaten nearly to death. We have seen contemporary videos of just this sort of thing happening to other innocent motorists who found themselves to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as well.

We have yet to see videos of anybody purposely plowing through protesters with intent to harm yet this is just what this sickening story from NPR is claiming.

Tensions are high and people are getting hurt. To see a mainstream media source such as NPR who try to claim a moral high ground as a “public” broadcaster sinking into crap like this is sad.

There are some solid and fundamental factors which have led to the racial unrest happening in the United States.

One unacceptable factor though is the fanning of the flames by media outlets such as NPR.

The violent rioters were rightly arrested following that incident by the way. NPR apparently missed this detail.

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