Lying in our faces.

 I am not sure if Bob Rae is losing his marbles or what. In an almost surreal interview the other day, Rae blasted out one incoherent and easily refuted lie after another while on the Rutherford show. It was very odd to listen to.

Links to the interview can be found here.

 Here is a tip for you Bob, if you are going to try and rewrite history, do it with an issue that is more than a year old. Bob denied that the Liberals signed into a coalition last fall, Uh Bob, Canadians may have short memories but we are not that bad. The TV clips of you and Ignatieff signing into that coalition are still rather fresh. The rest of Bob’s almost pathological lies are just as easily refuted.

 The federal Liberals are spoiling for an election of course. I guess they are simply practicing their usual strategy of a bombardment of lies to Canadians. They usually are at least a little more subtle than Bob was the other day. I do hope they are just as insane during the campaign should an election happen.

 On a related front to the potential federal election, Special Ed Stelmach’s main concern is that the election may impact the collection of Kool Aid Kooks who will be meeting in Copenhagen to discuss ineffective solutions to a non-issue. Eddie is worried that he may not get the press he wants when he trumpets his multi-billion dollar boondoggle carbon program while he spends generations of Albertans into potential debt. Glad Ed has his priorities straight for Alberta.

4 thoughts on “Lying in our faces.

  1. Cory: I didn’t catch the Rutherford show with Bob Rae. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter one iota what Albertans think, this upcoming election will be decided in Quebec and Ontario.
    I won’t be voting Liberal but I certainly won’t be voting Conservative either! I am sick and tired of Harper not keeping his promises and then trying to put a spin on things like he is a good guy. To try to paint the Liberals as blatant opportunists for trying to force an election while one year ago he did the exact same thing…after promising to have fixed date elections. Harper is a hypocrite and doesn’t deserve anyones vote.

  2. I listened to Dave that day, I think he was having a good time with it.
    This is where our election system starts to break down. Our local PC candidate Menzies is a good person, and has personally helped our family out. But like Doug, I do not have much time for Harper anymore either. He’s made some very illogical moves over the past couple of years, and missed some real chances to turn this ship in the right direction.
    Then again my other choices are pretty much non choices, Iggy, never, Layton and May are sideshow clown acts. I know parties have to start somehwere, but May’s fringe movement really is a one trick pony.

  3. I agree, there have been actions by all of the federal parties in the last few years that would make even the most staunch of politicos become cynical.

    The blatant and shameless lies from Rae on that interview were exceptionial though and are worth a listen. Rae is suppoesed to be on Roy Green at 1pm Alberta time today. I will have to tune in for that. I really can’t see how he can try and defend that interview aside from saying he had taken the wrong medication that day or something.

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