Lost!!! Please help to try and find Nenshi’s knackers as they appear to have fallen off somewhere.

Well, I guess that Mayor Nenshi and City Hall have decided that yesterday’s action of issuing warning tickets with no fines on them nor names of the people they issued them to was a step too far. Today City Hall cowered in terror yet again in the face of a couple dozen squatters in Olympic Plaza and didn’t even go so far as to issue a single bylaw ticket. The cowardice and inaction of Calgary’s city hall has been almost as embarrassing as the garbage dump that we used to call Olympic Plaza has become.

I have already reported on the damage being done to the park through illegal squatting ($40,000 and counting). I have reported on how the squatters are literally crapping on the ground there (I apologize for the graphic photos but I like to provide proof). I reported on how the occupiers were defacing the Canadian flag in lead up to Remembrance Day.

Now I would like to point out the damage that is being done in the sense that local residents are being disturbed and put out by these belligerent squatters. Many people live right in the area and they are getting tired of looking at a garbage dump in the park. They are tired of being harassed by “occupiers” and they tired of the noise and distraction.

Enough from me on that, the video below depicts a man who was walking home for lunch, tool belt and all (99%er) who felt he finally had to say something. The poor man did find that reasoning with occupy Calgary representatives is an exercise in futility.


Many may have heard that a pair of squatters got badly burned last night when one of them had a lit candle in his tent. There is a reason that we do not allow squatting in city parks. The parks are not designed for camping and desperate squatters are going to idiotic means such as open flames as they fight dropping temperatures. It was extremely lucky that the fire did not spread through the entire shantytown potentially killing multiple people. The tents are packed closely together on dry wooden pallets and are insulated with cardboard. If left to remain like this, we are almost certain to see a disaster soon.

If not bylaws, how about fire code enforcement for public safety?

Now below we have a squatter hounding a passerby while claiming that the city of Calgary is criminally responsible for last night’s fire because they did not provide free electricity to the illegal squatters.

I say yes and no.

We taxpayers are not obligated to provide free electricity to loafing squatters and are not responsible for the squatters going without.

The Mayor Nenshi and the city are indeed responsible for this in that this unsafe mess should have been cleared from our park months ago. I do hope that Mayor Nenshi locates his reproductive organs before we see either a larger and more disastrous fire, frostbite cases or even overdose deaths like Vancouver occupiers had.

The next little video below is of a couple squatters who hid behind a tree like little cowards and shouted obscenities and threats at me. Their cowardice is second only to that of Nenshi’s in this. These squatters are sad specimens and no message exists aside from entitlement and filthy unsafe living.

Finally we see what Nenshi and the city are truly cowering behind their desks about. A squatter holds a sign and clearly implies that violence will occur if the squatters do not get their petty demands met. This is the depth of squatter dialog and with the handful of extremists (like the one pictured below) remaining in Olympic Plaza a violent and possibly tragic outcome is pretty much assured.


So will the city wait until there are further inguries before enforcing the law? Will they wait for open violence? Will they wait until there is a death?

I tell you what, I fear the consequences of inaction much more than what we may see if the city enforces the law.

4 thoughts on “Lost!!! Please help to try and find Nenshi’s knackers as they appear to have fallen off somewhere.

  1. Nenshi’ll be on Angela Kokotts show on QR 770 Thurs at 3pm if anyone’s interested. I don’t think it’ll be a phone in show but Angela’s as confused as the rest of us so I think she’ll ask some tough questions.

  2. LOl, “Rory Morgan”…..
    Where was the CPS’s deep appreciation of the charter when they sent members to the G8 in Toronto.. Where was this charter when the shawinigan strangler held the apec meetings and order people removed from public protesting… The charter in this country is a tool of convenience of action and also of inaction for Government.. Its also really starting to look like the charter protects those that have nothing to take, but does nothing for those that have something and can pay.

  3. There has got to be Something within the confines of our Laws that can be used against these Idiots. Cause everytime the Mayor, Bylaw services, the police, or anyone tries to do something, these ****ing idiots hold up the ****ing Charter of Rights up in there faces, and it just leaves the officials standing there like a bunch of dumb founded idiots. This is getting to be way out of ****ing hand and its really pissing us people off that dont support this stupid protest movement, and hate seeing what these squatters are doing to Olympic Plaza, with all the damage they are causing to the Park. If I could get help to find that one thing that could be used against them, that would be so damn great, cause I and I know alot of other Calgarians want them gone too. Cause right now if I was to go downtown, and to witness them idiots using the charter to protect themselves and try to get what they want, I am LIABLE TO KICK THE **** OUT OF THEM, as they are making a Mockery out of the Charter of Rights.

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