Justin Trudeau pursuing the “great reset”

The “great reset” along with the 2030 UN Agenda are both plans which intend to take advantage of a world crisis in order to entrench socialism across the planet cloaked in the guise of “sustainability”.

While many people dismissed these goals and plans as being conspiracy theories, they are and were very real. What most of us dismissed was the notion that any world leader would actually pursue such an insane plan.

To listen to Prime Minister speak of the UN 2030 Agenda and then reference the “reset’ is utterly chilling.

Trudeau is no nefarious, conspiracy minded genius hatching a complicated plan. He is an imbecile who has latched on to a crazy plan. Unfortunately in the parliamentary system, that imbecile has nearly unchecked power.

We have long known that Trudeau was being carefully handled and guided by ideologues bent on crushing the economy in the name of being “green” but it was always assumed that there were still enough rational voices in the Liberal caucus to keep those ideologues in check.

They are making their move now. They can’t achieve their goal democratically since voters would crush them if they had such an ludicrous platform in front of them in an election. These ideologues are looking to use a crisis to make irreversible changes to our entire system and we will all suffer dearly for it if this madness is not somehow stopped in its tracks. Jagmeet Singh and the socialist NDP sure won’t do it so I am not sure how the hell this can be halted.

Listen for yourself folks. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s own words below. Then look up the “Great Reset” and UN Agenda 2030.


Be very very afraid.

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