It’s time to put our medical “experts” on a time out.

As it becomes more and more evident that COVID-19 has not and will not become a virulent out of control plague, our community of medical “experts” are digging in and pushing for more controls on us. The mainstream media happily indulges these doomsaying bureaucrats as they continue with their ongoing panic-porn campaign.

Just a little over two months ago “experts” hysterically told us that we could see nearly a million infections in Alberta alone with deaths in the tens of thousands as our medical facilities were overwhelmed. These projections were found to be utter bullshit within days but that didn’t stop the state from continuing to act on the recommendations of these “experts” with an ongoing, economy-crushing lockdown.

So where are we today?

In Alberta: 7400 cases in total. 36 in hospital, 7 in ICU and 151 dead.

While this outcome for 151 people and their families was indeed as tragic as it gets, when we are talking out of a population of 4.4 million people it has to be admitted that this isn’t that bad. While it’s not kind to say, it can’t be ignored that the vast majority of that 151 people had the grim reaper hanging about in their doorways already. They were predominantly elderly and with pre-existing conditions. This has not developed into a plague worth shutting our economy down for and that is a good thing.

How are our doomsaying medical “experts” responding to the somewhat underwhelming reality of COVID-19?

They are moving the goalposts yet again of course.

Remember three months ago when we were told that we simply needed two weeks in lockdown to “flatten the curve” in order to avoid overwhelming the medical system? It is months later, our economy is in tatters and the medical system was not even close to capacity. This was due to “experts” moving the goalposts week after week.

Now when backed into a corner, Dr. Theresa Tam has now set the bar at a zero infection goal. She is fearmongering over the risk of even a single new case now and the media is gleefully reporting on it. This is a disgrace.

Meanwhile, a group of “experts” in Alberta is demanding that the government make the wearing of masks mandatory essentially everywhere. This should do wonders for the few remaining restaurants and gyms which are struggling and trying to survive the government mandated shutdown.

Alberta’s top “expert” is considering this. Hopefully Premier Kenney ignores her.

So why is it that these medical “experts” are so loathe to admit that the pandemic is fading and that we can start getting on with our lives.

I am afraid that the spotlight has gotten to them. They are enjoying their moment in the sun and don’t want it to end.

Chief Medical Officers are senior bureaucrats in important roles but who usually languish in an un-celebrated background. Could anybody honestly have named these people before the whole COVID-19 thing? These folks were the science geeks who dined alone in the corner of the legislative cafeteria. Suddenly they have been catapulted into the spotlight and through the mainstream media they have been canonized and turned into virtual superheros.

An exaggeration?

Well, folks have actually been making T-Shirts with Dr. Deena Hinshaw on them and rest assured the halo behind her head was no mistake. They are trying to paint her as a living saint. I don’t doubt she is a nice person but come on now.

Alberta isn’t alone. PEI got on board with their Dr. Heather Morrison. As can be seen, she is painted as a superhero.

Morrison dealt with 27 cases in total with a death count of zero!

Superhero indeed.

Our economy is on the breaking point while “experts” continue to demand that he crush it further. These “experts” have become disconnected from the reality of what the protracted lockdown is doing to people and businesses. It is time to set them aside for awhile and let things open back up. These “experts” have proven to be wrong with their projections over and over and over again even if they were indeed well meaning. Maybe our political leaders will act with better clarity when these “expert” voices are not whispering into their ears for a little while.

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