Is it my body or not?

Hypocrisy abounds among leftist circles.

One of the most egregious double standards we are seeing from the warriors of socialism is their selective support for the sovereignty of an individual’s own body.

“My body my choice!” is the simple but effective rallying call for pro-choice activists.

They rightly make the case that neither the state nor the church has the authority to tell a person what they may or may not choose to do with their bodies, at least they do in the case of a pregnancy.

The ultimate form of private property is the body of the individual, or at least it should be.

If it is an immutable right for a person to have a ball of cells (sanitized term for fetus) surgically removed upon the whim of the individual, why does this right not apply to the rest of the cells that compose of one’s body?

What I am getting at is our blood, sperm, plasma and organs.

Who the hell are you to tell me that I can’t negotiate a price and sell a portion of my body or something that my body produces?

Canada’s ideologically rigid health care system has made it illegal for us to choose what we may or may not do with our bodies and we all are paying the price for it.

Let’s start with plasma. Canada is chronically short of it thus we buy 80% of our blood products from the USA where they pay donors!

Step back a moment and look at just how profoundly stupid this is. Some folks feel it is morally wrong to pay for blood or plasma so they ban the payment for it here. We then buy it at a premium from American suppliers who have a surplus because they pay their donors.

What a moronic, ideological hill to die on. Are there any fewer paid donors due to this? No! Is any real medical purpose being served by this? No! Is there any rational reason to continue this practice? NO!

Let’s quit being damned idiots and start paying plasma and blood donors in Canada. The left loves to decry any time that Canadian dollars go to foreign corporate interests, well dammit they should be furious that scarce health care dollars are going to American companies for something we can produce for less right here at home. We just need to pay the bloody donors as they do all over the world.

Look, in an ideal world we would fill all of our donation needs through altruistic donors. Realistically, it just ain’t happening and it wont.

We shouldn’t stop with blood products. Sperm and eggs are in low supply for fertility treatments in Canada due to our foolish laws. Open it up and pay donors.

Further from there, we should allow for payment for living organ donations. Yes this makes people squeemish but get over it! We have thousands of Canadians languishing on waiting lists waiting for organ donations. Many of these transplants can be done with living donors but if we really want to draw these donors out we are going to have to start paying them.

If you don’t like it, don’t sell your blood, sperm, plasma, organs etc. Nobody is forcing you and spare me dystopian visions of a world where people are suddenly forced to donate. Proper protection of private property means that nothing ever gets sold through coercion or without a sales agreement between parties. There is no reason that these laws can’t or won’t apply to our own bodies.

Canada’s health system is a system of waiting and many people are dying on those waiting lists. Socialized medicine=rationed medicine. Our organ/blood etc shortages are only one symptom of a troubled, ideologically rigid system which forces long waits for treatment upon us. We need many reforms to address these wait times. Paying donors should be a no brainer to begin with though.

It’s my body. The state has no right to tell me what I may choose to do with it.
Its time that the state stopped doing so.

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