Insane does not mean harmless.

 Well we got lucky this time on the violent young fellow pictured below:

Richard David Barker

 Richard David Barker went on a dangerous and violent rampage in Calgary only a year ago. The other day, his handlers thought it would be wise to take the poor boy out to the museum.Well the nut (predictably for most) took off in the van from the hospital and roamed free in Calgary until yesterday. Thankfully he did not harm anybody this time. Maybe when they give him a day-pass to Callaway park next year we may not have such luck.

 Recently Vincent Li was being considered for release. Only massive public outcry made what was supposed to be a secret hearing public. Due to the scrutiny, Li was determined to still be dangerous and will be kept in a facility. Li decapitated and ate a passenger on a bus only a year ago. He is not that old and we can rest assured that he will be walking the streets soon. The liberal fools just tried to let him out when the wounds were too fresh this time.

 I wrote not long ago about how Steven Gaeten Lee was quietly released within a year of his committing murder. 

 This trend of releasing violent lunatics into the public must stop!!

 Look, I understand that these people have been touched by the Gods and really have no idea what they are doing. There is even a tiny bit of empathy in me for their situations. That being said, they are still dangerous as hell and must be kept from the public. These early releases and this lapse security on those incarcerated has to stop.

 There is no cure for insanity. The best that can be hoped for is that medication and therapy may keep these people under control. One week away from their pills and these people can and will harm people again. I don’t care if these people live in four-star accomodations as long as they are securely locked into them.

 When will our justice system consider the protection of the innocent public as a priority?

2 thoughts on “Insane does not mean harmless.

  1. “When will our justice system consider the protection of the innocent public as a priority?”

    You first have to convince the justice system that the defendant is not the victim. Thats the biggest problem, to many bleeding hearts looking the wrong way down a one way street.

  2. I really wonder if this guy is just faking being insane, I think he knows exactly what he is doing.

    If you can go on a rampage and rack up 100+ charges and to get away with it all you have to do is tell the judge you think your the son of Jesus to absolve yourself of any responsibility in the eyes of the law….

    Sounds like a fantastic plan for any would be anarchist…

    When I look into the eyes of any photo released of Barker I don’t see insanity I see guile and cunning.

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