Illegal BC road blockade escalates while RCMP dither.

Amanda Soper and her little band of extremists are getting bold and who can blame them? They feel that they are above the law and if the actions of the RCMP over the last year are any indication, they may be right.

Soper and her crazed associates set up an illegal road block near Blue River BC over a year ago and things are escalating fast.

Background on this issue can be found here along with videos of confrontations between local residents and Soper’s illegal camp.

A few weeks ago, an enraged local aboriginal man tried to use the public road and was forcefully turned away by Soper and gang. The man vowed to come back with a rifle as can be seen in the video below.

This is getting extremely dangerous people,

The locals have had enough!!!!! ( sorry for the sideways recording, I’ll try to fix it later )

Posted by Camp Cloud and Tiny House Warriors Exposed on Monday, 5 August 2019

I can’t think of things more dangerous than a man provoked to the point of planing to get a firearm. The RCMP will surely swoop in and deal with this situation right?

Nope. As can be seen in repeated videos, the RCMP act like cowed puppies and slink away rather than deal with the problem.

Blatantly verbally assaulting the RCMP!! Then threatening them with a “pig roast”….. wtf man!

Posted by Camp Cloud and Tiny House Warriors Exposed on Saturday, 24 August 2019

Soper and friends tell the police to fuck off and call for a “pig roast”.

Like spanked children, the cops move on.

This has to be so humiliating for a police force that was once respected worldwide.

Below we can see Soper and company chasing the police away a few months ago.

Mall security guards apparently have more ability to enforce the law than the RCMP and it seems they command more respect too.

A new video posted to Twitter today. Every day the police go there, and they tell the police to leave…. and the police listens. It’s frustrating to see, however, if you remember last year, there was daily attendance to camp cloud for about a month before their removal as well. So fingers crossed history is repeating itself. ?

Posted by Camp Cloud and Tiny House Warriors Exposed on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

So lets recap.

Amanda Soper (known criminal with multiple convictions) sets up an illegal blockade with some of her pals over a year ago.

Despite multiple complaints to police and ever increasing confrontations with locals, the police still refuse to enforce the law.

Its little wonder that locals are threatening to take the law into their own hands.

Somebody has to.

This confrontation is going to end one of two ways.

Either the bloody cops are going to do their job and dismantle this illegal roadblock, or locals are going to do it themselves.

The second option has a high likely hood of ending in violence and possible tragedy.

Which one is it going to be? Procrastination is only making it worse.

One thought on “Illegal BC road blockade escalates while RCMP dither.

  1. I imagine it will end when the locals show up with guns. The RCMP won’t hesitate to arrest them, because it is less hassle than dealing with the problem.

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