How many empty trains does Calgary need

While the city of Calgary is in a fiscal crisis like never before and while the city core is moving quickly towards a 50 percent vacancy rate, Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s main priority is to try and strongarm the province and Ottawa into rushing billions into his hands so he can rush the construction of the Green Line to nowhere.

Nenshi is desperate. He likely won’t win the next election and may not even have the courage to run in it. He wants a personal legacy aside from massive tax increases, a decimated downtown and a catastrophic failed Olympic bid. That leaves the Green Line to nowhere and he is pulling out all the stops to get that thing going.

The BRT down 14 st is a sad joke. Years of construction only to build a dedicated lane which runs the odd bus which is almost always totally empty. Calgarians realize that among the many things the city need right now, an expanded transit system is not one of them. The city is broke and nobody is riding the buses and trains. Why the hell would we want to spend billions on expanding a system which is already barely used?

As with the Olympic bid, the Green Line has turned into a multi billion dollar vanity project for Nenshi. Like the Olympic bid, it can be stopped if Calgarians stand up for themselves.

Its time to stand up.

Put this white elephant on hold. We have a municipal election in a year. Let’s let Calgarians choose if they want to sink billions into this pending boondoggle. If Calgarians really want this project, they will surely re-elect Nenshi in a landslide if he campaigns on it.

Otherwise we are sending more good money after bad.

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