How about some transparency from big labour?

Big labour is big money.

Just ask Guy Smith from the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees who is pulling down close to a cool $300k in salary and benefits or the rest of the list of executives who are in the $200k club as can be seen in the document below.

The AUPE website says they represent 95,000 Alberta employees. In extrapolating under an assumption of an average $60,000 per year income from these employees, that union is bringing in about $71,250,000 per year in union dues alone.

Where does all that money taken from workers go?

Yes, we can see that union executives lap up a couple million for themselves off that total but it still leaves a rather large surplus.

Despite record levels of office vacancies in Alberta, the AUPE did build themselves a palatial new headquarters for $50 million. Guy Smith needs a nice office to work from as he counts his bucks I guess.

Just a few weeks ago, Guy Smith was giving a speech in front of supporters who were carrying a Marxist banner. Like every good Marxist, Smith understands that some are more equal than others.

Guy Smith is just one executive of one union of course. There are many executives out there for many unions making a rather healthy living from union dues.

Let’s not forget the Alberta NDP branch called the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL). The AFL is constitutionally entrenched within the NDP and have a guaranteed role in the management of that party. The AFL siphons funds from affiliate unions. Pretty much every union is an AFL affiliate. They were strongarmed in long ago.

Just how much of a workers paycheque goes to Ol’ Gil McGowan and his AFL? How much does Ol’ Gil make to run the AFL? How much do the rest of the executives of the AFL make? What does the AFL do with the rest of that money?

While people across the entire province are all facing employment insecurity and wage cuts, union executives remain rather comfortable.

While union members have no choice in having dues removed from their paycheques, they often have the right to request and see the detailed financials from their unions. The unions usually aren’t eager to share these things but perhaps its time.

When members are being laid off or having cuts, they should know what is happening with the dues which come off their cheques every month.

That’s why I am asking concerned union members to put in requests of their unions and to share the results with me.

Let’s follow that money! Are you getting your money’s worth on those dues pulled from your cheque every month? Are they doing a good job?

I know that unions love to bully the membership and can be rather dangerous at times. That is why I am offering to share those numbers on your behalf. Stay safe and anonymous while exposing union management.

Transparency is always a good thing. Put in those requests and let me share the results for you.

We will all be better for it.

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