“Expert” pandemic modeling has proven to be an embarrassment. Time to end the lockdowns

The numbers are in.

It isn’t a guessing game anymore. We no longer have to project. We know where the pandemic is going.

Models created by supposed medical experts have proven themselves to be hopelessly wrong. We aren’t talking about a little bit. The models were grossly incorrect.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly overblown and the lockdown cure is becoming far worse than the disease.

Don’t just take my word for it though.

Lets look at the real numbers versus the “expert” projections only two weeks ago.

We were told in March that the pandemic would surely overwhelm our hospitals and mortuaries. We were going to run out of ICU spaces and respirators. Health workers would be run off their feet and the world would nearly end.

In mid April none of this had happened so what did the government do?

They put out a whole new and updated series of fear mongering projections and models as a justification for continuing to destroy our economy.

How did the new and improved modeling do?

It was utter shit. They predicted the best case scenario as having 300 people in the hospital. There are 74 today.

But what of those ICU beds?

The “experts” predicted under our best case scenario that we would have 100 people in ICU beds today. Currently there are 15!!

The pandemic is not a hoax. The virus is real and it is not harmless by any means. It has killed 116 people in Alberta in the last few months. While that is indeed tragic for the 116, it is a drop in the bucket in reality in a province with 4.3 million people.

How badly do the “experts” have to miss the mark before the government quits acting as if the projections will be accurate? How much more damage has to be done for a plague that clearly isn’t materializing?

How long will it take before we realize just how damn stupid it is to try and quarantine millions of people who have a tiny fraction of a percent chance of dying from this virus while their odds of dying from lockdown associated causes such as undiagnosed cancer rise?

This has grown into sheer idiocy.

The projections should all be tossed in the garbage right now and the “experts” sidelined.

Lets work with the real numbers here.

Of the few people who have had to be hospitalized due to COVID-19, the average age has been 60. Those younger than 60 almost all had pre-existing conditions.

Of those few people who have died, of COVID-19, the average age has been 80!

The risk of a healthy young person dying of COVID-19 in Canada is miniscule. Quit wasting time quarantining them! If we do want to pursue herd immunity, we may actually be making things worse with our efforts.

Most of our serious cases have been in care homes and with elderly and sick people. We need to focus on protecting the vulnerable while letting the low risk people out to get on with their lives and participate in the economy.

It is already clear that history will look back at this as having been one of the worst examples of mass panic and overreaction in human history. How bloody bad will it have to get before we face reality here?

The lockdown is not harmless. Far from it.

By the actual numbers though, COVID-19 is damn near harmless to the vast majority of the population.

We need to start working with the real numbers that we have now rather than the projections which are clearly pure bunk.

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