End this farce already!

How absurd does it have to get?

How many victims need to shutter their businesses?

How much stress should defendants have to endure with this ridiculous case?

How much more international embarrassment should Canada endure over this?

I am of course speaking about the bizarre and ongoing saga of Jonathan (Jessica) Yaniv and the ludicrous claims brought before the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

The question is: “Should a woman be forced by law to handle a man’s balls upon demand.”

I am not making things up. That is what this entire circus boils down to.

This sham is not harmless and the damage is only amplifying for Yaniv’s victims in this case. Some have settled, others have shut down their businesses and the rest are confused and unimaginably stressed while the clowns at the BC Human Rights Tribunal sit on their hands with this idiocy.

The BC Human Rights Tribunal has the means to dump this sham right now. They have had the means to end this injustice since it began over six months ago.

From the BC Human Rights Tribunal page:

” Reasons the Tribunal may dismiss the complaint under section 27(1)(c)

The Tribunal is not deciding the complaint or any defence. Instead, it is deciding whether a hearing is not warranted because there is no reasonable chance that the complaint will be successful at a hearing.

The Tribunal may dismiss the complaint if it determines that:

  • there is no reasonable prospect that the complainant will prove one or more of the parts of discrimination at a hearing, or
  • there is no reasonable prospect of success because a defense would be proved at a hearing.”

The key word here is “reasonable” and it has been used multiple times. The members of the tribunal have a degree of discretion in these cases though they refuse to use it. Nothing about this entire travesty or Yaniv is reasonable.

One can see why Yaniv initially tried to remain anonymous when all this began. Under the light of public scrutiny, Yaniv has been exposed as a very odious person who at best is a simple scam artist and at worst is a child predator. There is some pretty clear evidence of both.

On the scam artist front it is evident that Yaniv is hoping to get compensation from these actions whether from rulings of the tribunal or from settlements from those just wanting to free themselves from this legal limbo. Apparently a couple of Yaniv’s victims have already settled though it is unknown what Jonathan may have gotten from them. This is extortion and Yaniv is using B.C.s gormless human rights commission very effectively in order to do so.

The more disturbing revelation is Yaniv’s predilection towards young girls. Jonathan is setting trans rights back as he does exactly what opponents of trans rights claim will happen if we have trans people using washrooms in their new gender. He is entering the ladies rooms in order to take surreptitious pictures of young girls.

His communications online with young girls and apparent creepy discourse on menstrual issues is distressing and may be indicative of a dangerous, predatory man.

Yaniv’s blatant racism in many of his communications have hardly made him endearing either. Perhaps his motivation in targeting these woman had racial motivations rather than fiscal.

It is not beyond reason to speculate that Yaniv is not actually a transgender person but is purposely identifying as such in order to perpetuate his numerous scams.

As media pays attention to Yaniv, it becomes clear that he is quite unstable and possibly dangerous to others as he brandishes illegal weapons during interviews.

Yaniv travels in a handicapped scooter when in public.

This appears to be part of another of Yaniv’s scams however as he proved himself to be rather agile when he wants to be.

Yaniv sure sprinted quickly upon realizing that his “handicapped” farce was being exposed on camera.

Despite all this, the luminaries at the BC Human Rights Tribunal think it may take them 3 more months to rule on Yaniv’s vexatious claims.

How bad does it have to get before a dismissal is applied?

The BC Rights Tribunal is as complicit as Yaniv himself in the victimization of these innocent, immigrant women who simply didn’t want to handle a man’s genitalia.

The means are there for the tribunal. This punishment of innocent women can be brought to an end tomorrow. There is no excuse to drag this out any longer.

Are the fools running the BC Human Rights Tribunal capable of applying simple reason though? Sadly it looks unlikely and this is an embarrassment to us all.

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