Edmonton’s anti-lockdown rally was ruined by tiki torch-carrying fools.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I want anti-lockdown protests to grow. I do feel that the government has grossly overstepped its authority and is stepping on individual rights. I do think that people taking to the streets can help convince the state of the error of its ways.

That will not happen however if anti-lockdown supporters continue to let nuts and extremists lead their parade.

Last weekend in Edmonton, a number of anti-lockdown organizers decided for some inexplicable reason that marching with a number of people including their leader, holding tiki torches would be a good idea. The rally was of course reported as being a white nationalist event, the messaging about lockdowns was utterly lost and these rallies have lost a pile of credibility.

The likelihood of anti-lockdown rallies gaining support and participation from average folks dropped dramatically last weekend and there is no good excuse for it.

I am tired of arguing with people on Twitter over why this was an idiotic and damaging move so have put it into a video to cover ground rather than trying to respond to the apologists on Twitter trying to make excuses for this.

Learn from this and change the behavior or the anti-lockdown movement will remain in the ineffective fringe.

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