Ed Stelmach is the worst Premier in Canada.

 While most of us already knew that, it is nice to see an official poll come out to confirm it. A whopping 14% of Albertans approve of the leadership of Ed Stelmach.

 It would appear that 86% of Albertans know what 77% of the dwindling Progressive Conservative stalwarts don’t seem able to figure out; Stelmach’s administration has been an utter disaster of incompetence. With nearly 80% of the party rallying around Feeble Ed while the vast majority of the province rejects him, the disconnect that the PC party has with Alberta is rather well illustrated.

 The economy excuse no longer holds water Ed. Saskatchewan has a resource based economy. Brad Wall is supported by 58% of the province. Newfoundland is enjoying the same recession that we are Ed. Their premier has 78% support.

 Rather than pursue some desperately needed introspection, Ed has of course lashed out instead. Yes, Ed has attacked the Wildrose Alliance Party today calling us such nasty things as “draconian”.

 Uhh Ed, the party you are calling draconian has taken the lead in the province of Alberta. Essentially you are calling a giant segment of the province draconian. Great strategy Ed. You should give Olsen another bonus from the tax-kitty for that one. Are you trying to get to single digit support Ed? You are certainly within striking distance of that record.

 Never have we seen such an utter rejection of an administration in Canada. Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of this gang of fools until the Premier chooses to call an election.

 I think we can safely say that this will be Stelmach’s last term in office no matter how long he tries to cling to it.

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