Cut Canada’s federal parties off from the wage subsidy now!

When I first heard of federal political parties applying for and collecting the 75 percent wage subsidy for COVID-19 relief, I had only heard about the NDP doing it. I laughed and looked forward to rubbing their noses in it. Typical socialists sucking dollars from the tax payers at all opportunities.

I should have known better.

After the story broke about the NDP collecting the subsidy, low and behold we find that both the Liberals and Conservatives have their hands out and are collecting the subsidy as well.

As the lockdown decimates our economy, people have held back on political donations. Hardly a shocker. This means that these damn parties should be cutting back and possibly laying off their staffers.

I understand that jobs are jobs and staffers are people too but we simply can’t compare political parties with businesses.

To begin with, political parties issue an extremely generous tax credit for all donations.

For example, if you donate $400 to a federal political party, you will receive a 75 percent tax credit!

Not a tax write off. A full credit. This means you will get $300 back.

That means these parties are already enjoying a 75 percent subsidy on the backs of taxpayers. They should not have the ability to double down and hit taxpayers further with the 75 percent wage subsidy.

Remember as well, this is just for the parties themselves. The political entity.

Government members and their support staff are still fully employed and with very generous compensation. The pandemic has not impacted their wallets a bit.

If these parties need more funds for their activities, they should appeal to their members.

It is gross to see these political entities sidling up to the taxpayer teat to fund their staffers.

Taxpayers get screwed enough as it is in general. The wage subsidy dollars have limits and they are meant to ease the burden on struggling businesses. Not bloody political parties.

Personally, I would like to see things opened up for political parties. Get rid of the maximums and controls on contributions but get rid of the tax credit offerings as well. If that were the case, then perhaps I could see why it may be acceptable for taxpayers to help them out in times of crisis. As it is now though? They are already well taken care of by the taxpayers.

Be sure to reach out and tell your MP so. It doesn’t matter which party is in your riding. It looks like they are all dipping in.

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