Conservative & transgender. It’s possible to be both. Talking with Tiffany Gillis

She loves her firearms, her individual rights and small government. She was openly supportive of Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party in the last Alberta general election and she wrote a fantastic endorsement of candidate Leslyn Lewis in the BOE Report during Conservative Party of Canada leadership race.

She also happens to be transgender.

Conservatives have long held some social hangups which hold them back as an evolving political group, particularly when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identities. We are getting much better and people from the LGBT community are becoming increasingly comfortable in coming out of the political closet as conservatives.

We still have a way to go though. Transgenderism and trans issues are sort of the final and most complicated of the sexual identity package which conservatives are learning to embrace.

It takes some work to try and understand this tricky issue but it is well worth delving into. There is no better way to try and gain an understanding on an issue than in chatting directly with people who are literally living within it.

Tiffany Gillis was fantastically candid and open as we had an extended conversation about trans issues and the challenges surrounding them.

The bottom line is, we have to get better at being live and let live with our attitudes and stop judging other people over their lifestyles and identities. It makes us better people and makes the conservative movement stronger.

We finished the chat with some discussion on Trudeau’s “green” plans and some speculation as to why Jason Kenny is having such a hard time at the polls.

Listen in below:

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