Conference on the future of Canada’s resource sector. March 13

As the world rebuilds from the pandemic, we are seeing demand and prices for oil and gas products rising.

Canada is well placed to lead the world in pandemic recovery as we sit upon some of the most abundant energy reserves on Earth.

Unfortunately, if we keep on our current course we will be left behind. Energy products from unethical nations will still dominate the world market including in Eastern Canada because we are foolishly shutting in Canada’s resource sector.

Raising capital has become nearly impossible as investors shy away from a nation with a government hostile towards it’s own energy industries and existing producers sell at a discount due to bottlenecks in pipelines.

We still have time to turn this around but the window is closing quickly.

The March 13th conference will have presenters speaking to all of these issues including

Former radio host Danielle Smith, Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre, MLA Drew Barnes, Michael Binnion from the Modern Miracle Network and more.

We know the problem, it is time to discuss the solution.

Sign up at the link below for this very important event.

It will be a very productive afternoon.

Saving Canada’s Resource Sector

(full disclosure, I am the new Executive Director of Suits and Boots)

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