Concerned Clowns Canada


AKA Concerned Christians Canada (a small religious lobby group) is outraged that the Calgary Zoo has a sculpture depicting a dancing elephant outside of their elephant area.


 Never mind that the sculpture has been there for nearly two years already and nobody really cared. Never mind that Ganesh is a cultural icon (yes a God) that is rather strongly represented in the very area that Calgary’s elephants originate. This outrageous display of religion must be stopped!!! (at least the kooks at the CCC think so)

 One must feel pretty weak in their faith if they fear that the mere sight of a sculpture will suddenly make them renounce and convert to Hinduism.

 There are some very real issues facing people of faith these days. The actions of Human Rights Commissions comes to mind. Fringe groups demanding that religious organizations perform ceremonies that clash with their faith is another.

 A bloody comical looking statue though? Come on you guys. There really must be something better that you could be doing.

 Actions from groups like this only serve to further marginalize people of faith within society.

 I haven’t been to the zoo in years. Perhaps it is time to take the kids down there this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Concerned Clowns Canada

  1. Nothing religious nutters do surprises me anymore. Speaking of religious nutters, I see that Chandler isn’t the CEO of CCC anymore but is no doubt writing the scripts for and pulling the strings of the current CEO (Jim Blake).

  2. Funny article from Rob Breakenridge today:

    The value of celebrating Blasphemy Day

    Since removing the statue is not an option, there is the CCC’s plan ‘B’. The group would like to see a Noah’s Ark display at the Calgary Zoo, although it’s unclear to me why Christians are so eager to tout this story.

    If you’re looking to promote your religion, the story of how your god ruthlessly murdered (by drowning, no less) all but Noah’s household of the Earth’s inhabitants might not be your first choice.

    But, if the Calgary Zoo wishes to make amends by adding such an exhibit, might I suggest it be located near the new Koala exhibit.

    After all, I’m sure visitors might be curious as to how such an inactive animal with such a specific diet would have journeyed all the way from Australia to Mount Ararat. Or, how Noah managed to round them up in the first place.

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