Calgary Stampede causes outrage in the East!

 The “stimulus” binge continues. The trend of punishing successful companies through taxation and rewarding the incompetent through bailouts is frightening to say the least.

 I see the shotgun approach of blasting tax dollars across the nation has led to the grave error of some of those dollars ending up in Calgary. Suddenly we see Central Canadians outraged with federal waste of tax dollars.

 It appears that the Calgary Stampede is going to receive stimulus bucks. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a joke that the Stampede is getting a federal subsidy. That annual event is just fine and throwing tax dollars at it is simply a waste of money.

 What I find striking in this issue is the hypocritical outrage displayed by Eastern commenters in this article. While Central Canadians screech and demand that Bombardier, GMC and Pravda (CBC) be constant recipients of the fruits of the productive, it is inexcusable that a Calgary event get a few bucks in any circumstance.

 Alberta is the producer for the Canadian moocher. We must never forget that role and the attitude from Central Canadians demonstrates this. The tens of billions that Alberta pours into confederation with no return on investment are immediately lost when a few bucks manage to drift back West.

Here are some of  the comments:

The Centrist from Canada writes: Another sponsorship scandal in the making. This stampede is profitable. Why is the government supporting it instead of the CBC?

Catherine Wilkie from Canada writes: “Our sector is no less deserving [of support] … than the automotive industry,” Mr. Jones said, referring to the fact Ottawa has advanced big loans to ailing auto makers.’
Bone dumb statement.

Rusty Waters from Canada writes: The government is on a crazy spending spree. Future generations will be in debt up to their ears. Where is Iggy?

barb johnston from Canada writes: So, how is this going to help these festivals, who have already booked everything and set their schedules far in advance? Better to use the $100 million to help the 300 000 people who have lost their jobs this year. I don’t think the majority of the 1.3 million jobless who are ineligible for EI are going to think that the Stampede was a better use of tax dollars than reforming the EI system.

Joe Citizen from EVERYTOWN, Canada writes: FOLLOW THE MONEY. I am sure that this is just one example of how HARPER is using STIMULUS MONEY to pad the pockets of his pals.
HARPER is nothing more than a pathetic corrupt incompetent.
How can anyone really be surprised that he would pull off such a stunt. He is probably going to prop-up bankrupt his favourite right-wing propaganda machine CANWEST as well.
This guy is capable of anything. Canada has never seen such a degree of corruption at the federal level. He has turned Canada into BANANA REPUBLIC NORTH.

Anthony Bfrom Maritimes, Canada writes: Why would Harper need to give a “stimulus package” to one of the most successful events in the country? Oh right, I get it …..
Stevie = Calgary riding = election = campaign coffers.

Thomas Harris from London, Canada writes: Harpers gone mad! Come the summer and fall theres going to be a half million people unemployed in Canada alone and millions more throughout the USA…Who the hell is going to have the money to travel and visit these festivals?, Throwing money at these festivals is idiocy to say the least, they already are money makers, thats why they continue year in and year out! Who needs another dozen chuckwagon races ran so some more Horses can die at the hands of some besottened bloated nosed cowboys…Stevie, you’ve lost it pal, theres no buying it back, look in the mirror and realize your only making a fool of yourself now. Do the right thing for yourself and your country and resign… and take off that atrocious toupee already!

Disgusted Canadian from Canada writes: If this a thriving event, why does it need that much money. 100 million is alot of Money and there are more important places to put this money, anywheere but a dam stampede, Stop this carnage now. It looks like another leech is borne. Well, actually, it,s been around along time only now it’s gettin brazen and has more gaul

Honesty is the best Policy from Canada writes:
The sponsorship scheme is back!
This time the conservatives get theirs

mike sty the Coalition Centrist from Canada writes:
Sponsorship II………..the CONs way


 By the way, the indignant Easterners keep referencing 100 million. That is the cost of the entire program, the Stampede is only getting a tiny fraction of that. Why let facts get in the way of Western bashing though eh?

 There are many many more comments along the same line. Look at the outrage. These people who are dead silent when billions and billions are poured into Eastern industries, yet immediately they become outraged fiscal conservatives when it is discovered that a few thousand dollars are ending up in Calgary. The hypocrisy is breathtaking but it is not new or surprising.

 The flow of funding is always supposed to go out of Alberta. Never shall there be a dime flowing back in.

 There are only so many things we can do in this circumstance. What this attitude does demonstrate though is the need to build the firewall around our province. Federal efforts are a waste of time. Alberta can only be protected from within. The Alberta Agenda is an excellent beginning. Harper wrote it, Klein rejected it and Stelmach paid lipservice to it. It is now time to implement it.

One thought on “Calgary Stampede causes outrage in the East!

  1. As a born and raised Calgarian, I also wonder why stimulus dollars are being spent to stimulate a festival which is: cruel to animals, lines the pockets of wealthy board members and already receives substantial civic money. Where does all the money from the Stampede go??? Certainly not back to Calgarians. The Stampede board members are making off like bandits with our tax dollars.

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