Calgary City Hall reaching new levels of idiocy on the way to 2013 elections.

While governments on all levels struggle with deficits and tough social challenges, Calgary city hall remains immersed in idiotic navel gazing and pie-in-the sky policies from trying to ban Calgarians from eating certain kinds of soups to closing lanes on roadways to accommodate a demand for bicycle lanes that does not exist.

While many of our city council members are members of the flakey-left, Brian Pincott never fails to take the cake in his stupid, intrusive and rather petty initiatives. Some of his antics have been covered here.

The looming dragon that Pincott is now slaying in city hall is his imagined issue of: LIGHT POLLUTION!

Backed by Richard Pootmans, Councilor Brian Pincott got a motion passed to work towards implementing massive regulatory changes to how we are allowed to light things outdoors.

The document can be found here.  This document is loaded with idiotic terms such as “light trespass” and “unchecked light egress” along with enough other vapid pap that one feels somewhat dumber for having read it.

Bullshit issues abound from “impacts to human immune function” (load of crap) to even worrying about our poor bug population: “behavioural changes in insect and animal ecosystems”.

We have millions and millions of unlit acres in Canada where our mosquitos can live without fear and moths can thrive without running into porch lights.

If left unchecked, busybody nuts like Pincott will have armies of bylaw officers checking everything from whether you packed your coffee grounds in the wrong bin to peeking over your fence to check the wattage of your porch light (assuming you are allowed to have one). This document also suggests that perhaps lights within buildings should be regulated in their use too!!

Yes people, screw emergency services! Who cares about those pothole loaded roads and overflowing sewers! What this city needs is discussion on porch lights, fire pits and coffee grounds!

We are still more than six months away from the municipal elections but the time is now to prepare to change some of the nuts out that we have on council. Pincott only won by default when Barry Erskine pulled his stunt of a last second retreat from the election race leaving no time for any sane candidates to enter and run in Ward 11. Let’s not let this flake (among others) get re-elected to Calgary city council. We can’t afford many more years of this kind of terrible city management.

8 thoughts on “Calgary City Hall reaching new levels of idiocy on the way to 2013 elections.

  1. City halls across this country have been infested with “progressives”, so until conservative mined individuals get involved and run, things will continue to go downhill. We need fiscally responsible people with common sense and respect for individual freedom in these positions.

  2. Actually, I would welcome more effective lighting in the city. Street lights are notoriously inefficient; producing alternatively glare and shadows while sending far too many watts into the heavens. If this were the thrust of this alderman’s concern, I would welcome it. Studies have shown that the present street lighting is not that effective and may even be dangerous for an aging population; changing the system to something which allows ‘seniors’ (as I remember, that was anyone over 45 because of eye changes) to better see at night would be welcome.

    And another point: mix of residential and commercial. Just because one lives across from a row of shops shouldn’t mean that one has to be blinded by the commercial signeage. Far too often, glaring signs are approved without any regard to the effect on the neighbours. Those living in such parts of the city don’t expect country quiet or darkness; but neither should they be subjected to a 24-hour barrage of flashing neon in living room or bedroom.

    Were the alderman to confine his concerns to issues such as these: more power to him. If, however, he’s ignoring legitimate issues in order to further regulate Calgarians’ lives, then he needs to be exposed.

  3. the flakey left have become a serious problem in both canada and the u.s. oh, forget that, they have become a problem world wide.

  4. This guy must have gone to school with Vancouver´s Mayor Moonbeam.

    For a very frightening read about the already fully implemented green way in society read Eliz. Nickson´s new book, Eco Fascism. Her science-fictionish years long effort to comply with the insane bureaucratic green maze (“conservation biology”) she attempted to comply with on BC´s Gulf Islands is nothing short of shocking. The inocuously named Island Trust (do-gooders extraordinaire) rules as a government, over all aspects of BC´s Gulf Islands. People are no longer wanted in the new ecosystem. If you are allowed be prepared to have loads of money and give up 75% of your property to Mother Nature while you pay for all the retro initiatives they demand. Or they end up breaking you and you move out…like the Salt Spring Coffee Co. did along with 40 good jobs.

  5. The establishment of civic political parties with a conservative bent is the only way to counter the insidious leftist stupidity that infests local government politics, even in a reasonably conservative city like Calgary.

  6. Lets shut off all the street lights and all the lights in silly hall. That will reduce light pollution and save us a bunch of money. Next lets shut off that little light that comes on every time an aldercreature turns on a cell phone and most important lets eliminate those little cartoon lights that come on above aldercreatures heads when they have an idea.

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